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In meiner Heimatstadt Chemnitz habe ich Germanistik, Interkulturelle Kommunikation und Erwachsenenbildung studiert. Danach ging es für mich knapp ein Jahr in den Taunus, wo ich mir in einer Agentur wichtige Grundlagen der redaktionellen Arbeit im Bereich Automotive erarbeiten konnte. Dann bot sich mir die wunderbare Gelegenheit für ein Volontariat bei der PROCESS im schönen Würzburg. Nach zwei Jahren fundierter Ausbildung wurde ich als Redakteurin in die PROCESS-Familie aufgenommen. 2021 war ich für zwei Jahre Teil des Content-Pool – eine hauseigene Zentralredaktion für übergreifende Themen und Aufgaben.

Aktuell betreue ich die Rubriken Food & Beverage und Verpackungstechnik für Chemie, Pharma und Lebensmittel. Zudem schreibe ich zu Trends rund um die Themen Job & Karriere sowie Nachhaltigkeit.

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Water as a Location Advantage

The process industries must establish efficient and circular processes that do not require fossil raw materials and energy. But what does that mean for the careful use of water as a resource? We talked about this with Dr. Thomas Track, Head of Dechema’s Water Management Department.

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Tailor-made solutions are regularly developed in the Center of Competence for Thermal Separation Technology for distillation (shown in the picture), concentration, crystallization and drying. (Gea)
Milestone Separation Technology

Specialists for Demanding Challenges: When It Comes to the Fundamental Process of Separation, Gea Leaves Nothing to Chance

An ancient tree, hundreds of years old, is an impressive sight with the wide, far-reaching branches of its huge crown. Even more impressive would be the root network — if we could only see it. This is a perfect analogy for the Gea Group, which has grown from around 250 companies. Many of these have a long history of their own, and even under the umbrella of the parent corporation they still develop with their own impetus and momentum. Today, the complementary skill sets and expertise in the field of thermal separation technology are bundled at Gea Wiegand, while Gea Westfalia Separator covers the area of mechanical separation technology.

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Water as a Location Advantage

The process industries must establish efficient and circular processes that do not require fossil raw materials and energy. But what does that mean for the careful use of water as a resource? We talked about this with Dr. Thomas Track, Head of Dechema’s Water Management Department.

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Dr. Christopher Braun, CEO of Gea Wiegand, “Innovation is a very strong driving force that secures our future.” (Gea)
Exclusive-Interview: Milestone Separation Technology

“Every new Plant Is Packed with Innovation Potential”

At the start of 2020, Gea embarked on a new course — two functional business areas were divided into five divisions, including Liquid & Powder Technologies with the business unit Chemical Technologies (BU CT). Dr. Christopher Braun, who has been managing the business of Gea Wiegand for 19 years, is expecting this to deliver clearer responsibilities. He believes that areas of growth for thermal separation technology will be found particularly in attractive niche markets.

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Plant engineering: Struggling a a booming market. (©icomundo - stock.adobe.com; [M]GötzelHorn)
Achema Trend Report Plant Engineering

Worldwide Plant Engineering: A Growing Market – With Growing Challenges

Chemical companies are filling up plant order books: Between 2005 and 2015, global investment in the sector increased by nearly a factor of three and currently stands at more than $ 200 billion. Most of these plants are based on conventional design and construction, but the engineering departments at chemical companies and EPC contractors are about to make major changes to the engineering process.

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Bioplastics made from waste starch help to make the plastics industry sustainable. But handling the new raw materials is not as easy it may seem. (©Oleksandr, ©Africa Studio , ©Aleksander, ©Yeti Studio - stock.adobe.com; Robert_Lilienfeld; Azo; [M]Kron)
Conveying of Bulk Solids

Expert Handling of Demanding Natural Ingredients: The Way to a Suitable Solution

The Institute for Bioplastics and Biocomposites forecasts a global production capacity of 4,3 million tons of bioplasics in 2022 — a real growth market. A US bioplastic resin provider wants to be part of this success story and invested in a tailor made production plant. For the challenging handling and processing of the natural raw materials they found in Azo the right partner.

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Rembe has been dedicated to protecting plants and processes for more than 45 years. Today, the company stands for comprehensive expertise in the field of explosion safety and pressure relief. (Rembe)
Milestone Explosion Safety/Pressure Relief

Competence in Safety Matters

The first Rembe rupture discs came onto the German market in the early 70s — at that time they were still completely machined by hand. Today, the company from the Sauerland region does not just develop and manufacture safety concepts for plants and equipment of the process industries. The focus is always on finding the optimum solution to protect the plant, people and the environment.

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Concentric agitator detail (Picture: Massimo Forchino/Italvacuum)
Vacuum Dryers for APIs

Vacuum Dryers: The Easy Way of Drying APIs

Vacuum dryer system for API, fine chemicals and intermediates—Maximum ease of cleaning, maintenance and internal inspection even for multi-product applications: The horizontal paddle vacuum dryer by Italvacuum is the result of a deep analysis, conducted in cooperation with the most demanding operators, regarding the most urgent requirements of their production.

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HTC-Reactor in ATB's biochar laboratory (Picture: Foltan/ATB)

Pyrolysis Waste Water to Become Useful

Carbonization processes such as pyrolysis and hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) expected to fulfil important roles in future bio-refinery concepts. However, until now a major problem is: These processes form waste waters that contain various environmental hazardous substances. Researchers in Potsdam/Germany seem to crack it.

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Corporacion Lindley – Arca Continental Alliance begins operations at new plant in Pucusana/Peru (Picture: Coca Cola)

New Coca Cola Plant in Peru

Peruvians want to drink more non-alcoholic beverages. In order to meet the growing needs the beverages producer Arca Continental and Corporacion Lindley, the official Coca-Cola bottler in Peru, together have started up production of a new plant in Pucusana/Peru.

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2018: At the ACHEMA trade fair AZO introduces RoLog, an automated, robot-assisted dosing system for micro quantities. (Azo)
Milestone Powder & Bulk Solids Technology

Automating Raw Materials Handling for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food Industries

What do tile adhesive, medication in the form of tablets and yogurt have in common? With all of these products, a specific formula needs to be followed to the letter to make sure the required quality can be guaranteed. To do this, the individual raw ingredients not only need to be safely stored, conveyed and processed. Ultimately, they also need to be added with precision to the production process. This is sometimes a tricky challenge — and one that AZO has been living up to for nearly 70 years. Starting with the development of a cyclone screening machine, the creative engineers from Osterburken/Germany are responsible for numerous innovations in the field of bulk materials handling. Today, the AZO Group automates raw materials handling in the food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals sectors all around the world.

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Dosing systems from Azo are well suited for powder handling.  (AZO, © Lukas Gojda- Fotolia, [M]-Sahlmüller)
Powder Coatings Production

Celebrating Automated Powder Handling

Powder coatings technology dates back to the 1960s, when pure epoxy systems were first used. These had very slow curing times, due to the raw materials in use at the time, and this restricted their areas of application considerably. Nowadays, however, a much wider variety of suitable raw materials is available. This makes it possible to vary the optical and mechanical properties of the coatings. Proven modern materials handling systems improve the economics of coating powders, both in production and in application.

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Laurent Tainturier, BASF Senior Vice President Europe East, CIS, Middle East and Africa: “This new production facility will strengthen the product portfolio in the region” (Bild: Emma Nwawudu/BASF)
Concrete Additives

BASF to Start up Construction Chemicals Plant in Nigeria

For BASF Nigeria is a particularly dynamic growing market for construction chemicals in West Africa. The new production plant for concrete additives in Lagos/Nigeria will help the construction industry to become less dependent on imports and reduce long lead times for supplies. Besides Nigeria BASF concentrates on neighboring west African countries, too.

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At ACHEMA 2018, Gea presented a new generation of separators for pharmaceutical applications with the Flex Change concept. It offers high flexibility especially for Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMO) and operators of pilot plants. (PROCESS)
Milestones in Separation Technology

GEA Leaves Nothing to Chance when it Comes to the Fundamental Step of Separation

Regardless of whether for distillation, filtration, drying or clarification — without separation technology, nothing goes. After all, most raw ingredients and products of chemical reactions are mixtures of substances that need to be separated for further processing. So it is good to have a partner who is a single provider capable of supplying everything from mechanical separation systems to exhaust air purification.

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Stefan Penno, Managing Director: “As an owner-managed medium-sized company, we think and plan for the long-term — unlike many corporate groups.”  (PROCESS/Wühr)
Exclusive Interview: Milestone Explosion Safety/Pressure Relief

Safety Is a Question of Trust

Operational safety needs reliable partnerships — when it comes to safety, there should not be any compromises. But how do you find the right supplier for safety-relevant components? And how do you ensure that you will ultimately receive the optimal solution to protect your plants and your employees? Stefan Penno, Managing Director of Rembe, and Nils Lange, Process Engineer at Rembe, know that the details matter.

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Explosion Protection from Rembe reduce the damage caused by an explosion to a negligible level. (Rembe)
Milestones in Explosion Safety/Pressure Relief

Safety for Plants and Processes

The process industries are under pressure - literally. If the pressure is too high or too low, the affected plant parts can suffer severe damage. Here, reliable and fast reacting relief devices are absolutely required. Rembe has been dedicated to protecting plants and processes for more than 45 years. What once began with a single rupture disc is now comprehensive expertise in the field of process safety and explosion safety.

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