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Asahi Kasei will be the world’s first company to use butadiene derived from plastic waste, and the first Japanese company to use butadiene derived from biomass, for S-SBR production.
Singapore: Sustainable Deals

Asahi Kasei Partners with Shell for Producing Solution-Polymerized Styrene-Butadiene Rubber

Control & Automation

Almost immune from the effects of varying liquid viscosity, density and temperature, the measurement performance of oval gear flowmeters improves as liquid viscosity increases.
Precise Batch Dosing

Flow Meters Assist Biodiesel Plant to Convert Bio Waste into Sustainable Biofuels

The versatile OIW80 sensor from Electro-Chemical Devices features built-in RS485 serial communications and is Modbus/RTU compatible.
Smart Technologies

Intelligent Sensor Detects Petroleum Leaks to Prevent Water Contamination


On its Coperion compounding system, Lanxess produces highly reinforced polyamide compounds at very high throughput rates.
Production Line

Turnkey System Helps to Produce Polyamide Compounds Efficiently

Ex Protection & Safety

Tranter's NovusBloc welded plate heat exchangers will be installed inside the boundary limits of the main production process and thus handle flammable liquids and/or high temperature fluids.
Green, Safe Solutions

Welded Plate Heat Exchangers Can Reduce CO2 Emissions by 3 Million Tons Annually

Pharma & Food

The 13th edition of the Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum (VPEIF) 2021 was successfully held from October 20-21 in Taizhou, China Medical City, China.
China: Event Review

Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum 2021: A Glimpse into the Chinese Pharma Industry