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Control & Automation

The principle of Open Process Automation ensures future-proofing.
Out of the Digitization Desert

Step by Step to the Digital Oilfield


This strategic investment will support the development of a low-carbon hydrogen ecosystem in the Normandy industrial basin.
France: World’s First Low-Carbon Network

Air Liquide to Develop 200 MW PEM Electrolyzer for Renewable Hydrogen Production

Neste and Ravago aim to develop the first industrial chemical recycling site for waste plastic at the North Sea Port in Vlissingen, the Netherlands.
The Netherlands: Circular Economy

Neste, Ravago to Construct Chemical Recycling Plant for Waste Plastic

Pharma & Food

Figure 1. Figure 1 shows the critical elements of a QbD loop. The QbD concept is supported by US-FDA.
Risk Management

Quality by Design Approach for Lyophilization Process Scale-up