Formaldehyde Concentrate Johnson Matthey Is Introducing New Integrated Process for UFC Production

Editor: M.A. Manja Wühr

Johnson Matthey has created a new and cost effective method of synthesising small quantities of urea formaldehyde concentrate (UFC). The ingenious twist in the process is that it allows urea producers to generate significant savings on the ammonia-urea complex.

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Formox integrated UFC process
Formox integrated UFC process
(Picture: Johnson Matthey)

With Formox Johnson Matthey has develped an integrated formaldehyde concentrate (UFC) process. The methanol feedstock for the UFC plant is produced on the ammonia plant using a stream that otherwise only has fuel value and a process that has a positive impact on ammonia production. The integrated methanol production unit is designed to operate optimally with the integrated UFC plant. These processes have been designed and optimized to reduce complexity and cost whilst maintaining the high performance of other Davy and Formox offerings.

According to the company the simplicity of the integrated flowsheet means that no additional manpower is required to operate the new equipment, contributing to significant OPEX savings. Phil Ingram, Market Director for Ammonia and Derivatives at Johnson Matthey explains, “By offering an integrated process, Johnson Matthey has enabled ammonia-urea producers to reduce operating costs. The process removes the need to purchase methanol or UFC from a third party, therefore consistency and security of supply of this key additive is guaranteed and in turn, the supply chain becomes streamlined as all manufacturing takes place on a single site.