Explosion-safe Milling System for API Small Particles and High Safety

Author / Editor: Matthias Honisch* / M.A. Manja Wühr

Due to their high fineness and throughput hammer mills are enormously popular. But if production calls for explosion-safe processing in a cleanroom special technical Know-how must be assured.

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Hammer Witt achieves fine milling down to 30 µm with high throughput.
Hammer Witt achieves fine milling down to 30 µm with high throughput.
(Picture: Frewitt)

The basics of explosion protection apply not only to refineries and paint manufacturers in terms of hazardous explosive areas, milling operations are also concerned. Hammer mills users find themselves on the front line of explosion prevention, as the powders must be very finely milled using high RPM's.

Frewitt customers are knowledgeable of the risk factors, and that's why they've chosen for their process engineering Frewitt hammer mills — fine milling down to 30 µm with high throughput. One of these customers, a manufacturer of drugs to treat coronary pathologies, vascular disorders as well as cancer, has formerly milled its pharmaceutical active ingredients on the hammer mill of well-known Frewitt competitors.

Due to new requirements of safety, and efficiency, the drug manufacturer needed to modernize his operations, move his production of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to a cleanroom; hence a milling system fulfilling the increased requirements for process safety and efficiency was necessary to procure.

Not just any hammer mill was required — a hammer mill which could meet all the guidelines and could produce in a clean room with high throughput, was the only tool that would allow the project to succeed. The pharmaceutical manufacturer could not find this with it former, well-known suppliers; it looked elsewhere for a viable solution, and found it in Frewitt's Hammer Witt.

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