Mixing Discover the Three Top–Trends in Mixing Technology

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From bio-refineries to special chemical plants and food and pharmaceutical production – mixing technology and mixers are a key part of every production process. A visit at this year's Achema revealed three important trends in mixing technology.

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Operators of process plants are expecting much more than just a proper mixing performance from modern mixers. The requirements are high: New processes, for example in bio-refineries, but also the demand for individual and very specific products, require customizing mixers specifically for their respective task. At the same time, the increasing pressure for efficient production must also be taken into account. Consequently, additional process steps, like moistening, drying, granulation or tempering, are integrated besides the homogeneous mixing.

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Trend 1: More than Just Mixing

Granulation is an example for this trend. According to Henrik Mölleken from Eirich, agglomeration by compression or extrusion generally does not produce round granules. A mixing process is also happening prior to both these procedures.

Thermal processes on the other hand have high energy demands. For these reasons, users of mechanical or thermal granulation processes switch to agglomeration in the Eirich mixer. Granulating mixers allow for example the fertilizer industry to process different formulations in a single mixer line.

Lödige can also equip their plowshare batch mixer FKM 2400 D with separately driven, high-speed rotating face mills. Together with the mixing tools, these can open up agglomerates and also allow targeted granulation during the process. Drum, headpieces and shaft can be heated or cooled for tempering. Emde also offers the integration of processes like moistening, drying or tempering into the mixing process.

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Mechanical Processes at Achema 2015
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But it can also work vice versa: Italvacuum’s Criox system is a vacuum rotary dryer and pulverizer for drying wet materials from filter and centrifuge processes in pharmaceutical, fine chemical, food, cosmetics, or chemical industries. With its two powerful lump breaker blade groups, the dryer can crush existing product lumps so that subsequent grinding is not required, providing the powder ready for sieving and bagging. This system can be used also as a mixer or homogenizer and for wet granulation.

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