Beverages New Coca Cola Plant in Peru

Editor: M.A. Manja Wühr

Peruvians want to drink more non-alcoholic beverages. In order to meet the growing needs the beverages producer Arca Continental and Corporacion Lindley, the official Coca-Cola bottler in Peru, together have started up production of a new plant in Pucusana/Peru.

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Corporacion Lindley – Arca Continental Alliance begins operations at new plant in Pucusana/Peru
Corporacion Lindley – Arca Continental Alliance begins operations at new plant in Pucusana/Peru
(Picture: Coca Cola)

Lima/Peru – With an investment of close to US$200 million, the new facility has the latest technology to produce both sparkling and still beverages. The plant has six modern production lines with a production capacity of up to 1 billion liters per year. According to Arca Continental this project represents the largest investment in infrastructure made by the company in the last few years, enabling it to further expand operating efficiencies, reduce the environmental footprint and optimize processes to meet the highest quality standards in the industry, while contributing to the economic development of the region.

“We truly believe in our country’s potential, we bet on continued investments, always respectful of the environment, to drive progress and sustainable growth,” explained Jose Borda, Chief Executive Officer of Corporacion Lindley.

Peruvian Beverages Market

The Pucusana Plant will serve a large part of the Lima market, as well as the central highlands, and the regions north and south of Lima Province, which make up 55% of the country’s volumes.

“This is, without question, one of the most modern and innovative production facilities of the Coca-Cola System in South America, and represents the commitment of the Corporacion Lindley – Arca Continental Alliance to the well-being of the community, the development of its collaborators and the service excellence for its clients and consumers,” added Francisco Garza Egloff, Chief Executive Officer of Arca Continental.

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