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Milestone Powder & Bulk Solids Technology Automating Raw Materials Handling for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food Industries

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What do tile adhesive, medication in the form of tablets and yogurt have in common? With all of these products, a specific formula needs to be followed to the letter to make sure the required quality can be guaranteed. To do this, the individual raw ingredients not only need to be safely stored, conveyed and processed. Ultimately, they also need to be added with precision to the production process. This is sometimes a tricky challenge — and one that AZO has been living up to for nearly 70 years. Starting with the development of a cyclone screening machine, the creative engineers from Osterburken/Germany are responsible for numerous innovations in the field of bulk materials handling. Today, the AZO Group automates raw materials handling in the food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals sectors all around the world.

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In production, the raw materials are constantly in motion. When bulk materials expert AZO comes into the game, mixers are often loaded using automated systems. The company from Osterburken/Germany has set standards in this area since the 1970s — for example with the development of vacuum weighing systems comprising the patented multiport valve and conveying scales. These systems for automating the handling of large quantities of materials are still state-of-the-art today.

Selected Milestones in Powder & Bulk Solids Technology:

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The next major milestone came in the mid-1980s with AZO’s development of the Componenter — a system with numerous options for automatic weighing of minor and micro quantities with gram accuracy, which are very often required in mixer feeding. This enabled AZO to integrate all components in the automation process.

Today, the component and system supplier for bulk materials and liquids processes continues to refine and redefine automation. For example, at the last Achema trade fair AZO introduced Rolog, an automated, robot-assisted dosing system for micro quantities. Whether as a standalone solution or as an integrated part in an overall AZO plant — the system ensures high throughput, reproducible dosing results and absolute formula accuracy without compromise in terms of high flexibility, operator safety or reliability.

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