Fluid bed coating Fluid Bed Coating – Changing Properties of Solids as Desired

Author / Editor: DR. Michael Jacob, Katja Meyer / Manja Wühr

Coating of particles is a critical process step for many manufacturing processes. After all, coating essentially determines the product quality. The appropriate process must be found to determine the properties of as needed for the application. The following article describes, what need to be considered when developing particles.

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Overview of the coating method versions
Overview of the coating method versions
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When developing coating processes the first step for process and product developers is the exact definition of the target parameters, the desired product properties and the determination of the technological and commercial conditions. Based on this a suitable technology for the manufacturing of the desired products must be chosen. The process is normally an incremental one. Originating from a basic concept different production versions are examined and the process is optimized regarding product properties and costs.

Diverse Applications of Fluid Bed Coating

The main application areas for particle coating are quite diverse. They encompass numerous industry segments and include, for example, the following applications:

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  • rotecting the product and protection against the product
  • improving the storage stability of products
  • changing or setting release profiles
  • reducing the hygroscopicity of solids
  • modifying the flowability, surface structure and appearance
  • manufacturing composite particles or also
  • modifying taste and odour.

Various processing equipment is available to perform coating processes; they differ in their respective basic principles as well as their main application areas. With classical coating (also referred to as encapsulating) dispersed products, e.g. granules, extrudates, crystals or tablets receive an outer layer by spraying a solids-containing liquid on them. A solidification process takes place in the coating equipment which can be impacted in a defined manner through various thermal and flow-related process parameters.

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