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Author / Editor: Anne-Marie Walters* / Dominik Stephan

Software solutions become the backbone of global engineering systems — Of the shelf products won’t stand a chance when a worldwide chemical leader needs a new engineering solution. Only tailor-made software suites can truly become the nerve of global plant project managements. But the extra-work pays off: Engineering, management, operation and maintenance all benefit from the edge of information theta modern software solutions provide.

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Software solutions become the backbone of engineering.
Software solutions become the backbone of engineering.
(Picture: Bentley; © M.Gove - Fotolia)

Eastman Chemical Company, a Fortune 300 company with over US$ 9 billion in annual revenues and 14,000 employees, has achieved its success in part by investing in reliable, innovative solutions. For example, in the late 1980s, no drawing management system could meet its needs, so Eastman created its own. The result was the unique, industry-leading record drawing change process (RDCP) software that served the company well for 25 years.

But over time, Eastman needed better information security and reliability and a way to lower software maintenance costs. “Bentley’s expertise and long-track record of delivering powerful engineering solutions made it the vendor of choice,” stated Jan Shumate, Director, Plant Engineering Worldwide Engineering and Construction at Eastman Chemical Company.

Bentley worked with Eastman to deliver a tailored solution using Project Wise that met all of the company’s needs, facilitating enhanced collaboration across the enterprise, and returned savings in excess of the cost of implementation due to the efficiency improvements.

For years, Eastman was able to keep records for engineered systems reliably up to date using its RDCP drawing management system combined with workflow management and company wide CAD standards. “We were successfully managing nearly four million files for 2,500 active users worldwide from areas such as engineering and construction, maintenance and reliability, operations and support, procurement, and real estate,” explained Shumate. But the growing need for better information security, improved reliability, and reduced maintenance costs motivated company leaders to look for a new information management solution.

“We needed an engineering information system that could grow with the company, deliver added value, contain lifecycle costs and meet all our functional requirements,” explained Shumate. In addition, they needed to improve information security with standard access control functionality, along with customized features to align with internal security policies.