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“In the future, we anticipate using Project Wise Deliverables Management to complete project workflows within Project Wise,” noted Shumate. “This will save time by eliminating the need to upload documentation into Share Point. Transmittal services will also help us achieve our goal of having a globally integrated information management system for approval routing, construction packages, and as-built responses that are fully integrated to the ‘live’ record stored in Project Wise.”

The implementation of Project Wise has drastically improved Eastman’s managed risk levels for engineering information. “Database integrity, server maintenance and reliability are no longer issues, as Project Wise has enabled the migration of our engineering information from dated server and database structures to a modern platform that is more easily managed,” explained Shumate.


“In addition, information security improvements made possible by Project Wise have reduced risks to intellectual property that is of significant value to Eastman and its stakeholders.” Eastman is currently implementing Project Wise for its remaining sites. As the company continues to grow, its management team believes that Project Wise can deliver greater collaboration, standardization, and process efficiencies for users around the world.