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The data integrity and smooth transition was of significant value to Eastman due to on-going capital projects, planned shutdowns, and overall reliance on the system to maintenance, and engineering activity. This represents thousands of views and updates every day. Working closely with Eastman’s Worldwide Engineering and Construction organization, Bentley delivered a tailored solution that met all of the company’s needs and expectations.

The solution was implemented for 13 of the company’s sites by May 2014. “We migrated all files over a period of 12 months during non-business hours,” explained Shumate. “Data integrity was of utmost importance as well as seamless transitioning and smooth system performance.” In between migrations, Eastman evaluated system performance and worked with Bentley to address issues to ensure optimal performance of the solution.


Sharing Information Worldwide

Today, Project Wise is an integral piece of Eastman’s new system for global sharing of engineering information. The software accepts numerous file types, supports interoperability across software platforms, and enables live linkages with external applications and processes, resulting in opportunities for significant business benefits. The Project Wise platform facilitates better collaboration across the Eastman enterprise. And because it runs reliably within the company’s modern IT infrastructure, IT can ensure proper backups, maintenance, and network performance.

The systems inbuilt collaboration tools ensure security enforced access to all types of information for employees and partners around the world. So, for example, engineers and designers no longer have to sit in close proximity or even be on the same continent to work together. “This virtual environment allows us to bring the best and brightest minds together across the enterprise to develop new and innovative project concepts,” noted Shumate.