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Project Wise has also helped Eastman increase productivity and boost the bottom line. For example, its lifecycle cost is lower as it requires less IT infrastructure and support services annually. In addition, because users of the system can use it to work more efficiently, Eastman expects to see a return in excess of the cost of implementation.

“These efficiencies are calculated based on savings from single signon functionality, batch printing of large drawing packages, automatic uploads into capital project Share Point environments, and title block linkages between Project Wise and Micro Station environments,” commented Shumate. “Additionally, users can easily upload a wide range of file types and instantly make them available for secure access.”


Eastman also expects to lower overall client project costs thanks to Project Wise integration with Eastman systems and processes. For instance, integrated security features allow external business partners to seamlessly create and hand over deliverables into the Eastman engineering information system. Project Wise eliminates the need to manually reformat, re-number and otherwise convert the information, thereby saving time and reducing project costs.

Faster Project Delivery

Eastman also expects Project Wise to enable faster project delivery thanks to increased collaboration, secure access to project information, and integration with Eastman systems and processes. For example, Project Wise integration with Eastman’s Share Point site allows all Eastman’s internal users to transfer files directly from external contractors’ information in Project Wise — complete with all of the metadata automatically created in Share Point.