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At the same time, Eastman needed to maintain continuity with its existing engineering and construction processes, including its internal Microsoft Share Point environments and RDCP. The RDCP allows for multiple users to check out a copy of a master as-built record, complete updates and/or revisions, and check in with seamless updates. Subsequent updates to the same drawing are forced to recognize the most recent revision, which ensures that the master as-built file is always kept up to date.

Eastman also wanted to increase the company’s ability to adapt and expand to meet new business demands, increase information mobility, and improve system reliability and compatibility with a modern IT infrastructure. “For instance, due to our global growth, interoperability with other vendor applications and file types was also essential,” added Shumate. “And given the shift to data centric design processes and applications, it was critical that our solution be able to handle other types of information besides CAD drawings.”


Requirements Met

Project Wise offered a great deal of features and functions that aligned well with Eastman’s requirements, but the software did not meet all of Eastman’s needs out of the box. “We challenged Bentley to tailor the software to meet our requirements,” stated Shumate. The requested customizations to the software, included enablement of Eastman’s unique RDCP, integration with internal Share Point environments, and utilization of internal information security policies. Bentley also provided user training, and participated in rigorous testing, system migration, and enterprise-wide implementation.

“For example, Bentley developed customized security features to meet Eastman internal nomenclature and security policies — a significant upgrade from our prior software,” stated Shumate. These features allowed Eastman to maintain seamless integration with several external business partners who work within the Project Wise environment. They also maximized the collaboration between Eastman teams and external partners. Bentley and Eastman partnered to develop database migration programming that allowed for mapping of attributes and loading of files with maximum database integrity throughout the migration from Eastman’s legacy system into Project Wise.