AODD Pumps Solid-Body Plastic AODD Pumps Deliver the Operational Ability for Abrasive Media

Author / Editor: Sergio Avila / Dominik Stephan

Sometimes, beautiful products need dirty processes. Elaborate jewelry for example, might be treated with aggressive tarnision fluids. The consumer does not know — but the manufacturer should. Learn what to expect when pumping abrasive fluids and why solid body plastic AODD pumps might do the trick.

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Rugged solid body plastic AODD pumps are well suited for the transfering of abrasive media even under harshest conditions.
Rugged solid body plastic AODD pumps are well suited for the transfering of abrasive media even under harshest conditions.
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Though the actual originator of the epigram, “Laws are like sausages, it’s better not to see them being made,” is unknown — it is generally attributed to the 19th century German statesman Otto von Bismarck — the sentiment that it portrays is easy to grasp: While we may like and respect the outcome, sometimes it’s best not to know how it was arrived at.

The same saying can also apply to the manufacturing industry. You may be dazzled by the shine on the chrome of a new automobile or marvel at your mirror-like reflection on the surface of a highly glazed piece of pottery, but you really have no idea just how harsh the manufacturing conditions needed to be in order to produce the desired end result. Innumerable objects that we see and use in our daily lives only achieved their final form after a production process that may have included the use of any number of abrasive media in order to create the finished product.


Tackling Aggressive Fluids

This article will examine several manufacturing applications or components where abrasive chemicals are used and the best type of pump technology to incorporate in those processes. Choosing the right pump will not only ensure that the desired final product is produced, but that the entire manufacturing process will be completed efficiently and effectively at a cost-conscious rate, and with a minimum of potentially costly pump maintenance and downtime.

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While consumers may be blissfully unaware of the trying conditions that were required to produce their favourite piece of jewelry or the ink that is used to print the words on their daily newspaper, the manufacturers of those, and thousands of other products, are not....