AODD Pumps

Solid-Body Plastic AODD Pumps Deliver the Operational Ability for Abrasive Media

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A Variety of Options — But In the End, There Can Be Only One

While many types of pumping technologies have been tried and found wanting in these (and other) harsh manufacturing applications, one has proven to be a reliable performer where a wide range of abrasive components need to be handled safely, efficiently and reliably: Solid Body Plastic Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps.

Solid Plastic AODD Pumps Set the Standard

Solid body plastic AODD pumps have many features that set them apart from the competition when the subject is abrasive-handling. For starters, they do not require electricity, they are self-priming and they can pump a wide range of abrasive media, from slurries to liquids with suspended solids. Basically, plastic AODD pumps are positive-displacement pumps that have a diaphragm in each of their two pumping chambers. These diaphragms are connected by a shaft so that when the compression stroke takes place in one chamber during the pumping process, the suction stroke takes place simultaneously in the other chamber.


Learn about Versatile AODD Pumps for Plating and Metal–Finishing

This results in efficient, reliable, cost-effective, repeatable operation when handling any abrasive liquids or compounds. Almatec has been a pioneer in the design and production of plastic AODD pump technology since its founding in 1984. Today Almatec, headquartered in Kamp-Lintfort, Germany, markets its proven E-Series family of pumps that are specifically designed for use in abrasive-handling applications.

Available in a Variety of Polymer Materials...

All E-Series pumps offer the user a solid design and most are constructed of polyethylene (PE), which offers excellent abrasion-resistance when used with slurries and other abrasive media. The E-Series pumps, thanks to their PE construction, have been shown to last seven times longer than pumps that are made with polypropylene — while having similar chemical-resistance characteristics — and be 1.6 times more durable than stainless-steel pumps. Solid PE also delivers better sealing, higher static weight, smoother operation and better torque retention than other popular materials of construction.