AODD Pumps

Solid-Body Plastic AODD Pumps Deliver the Operational Ability for Abrasive Media

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The conditions in which their products are created must be a front-of-mind concern for manufacturers, as are the specific pieces of equipment that are used to complete the manufacturing process. Examples of the types of manufacturing processes or components that can require abrasive chemical compounds would include:

Pickling Baths — Per Aspera ad Astra

When metal is “pickled,” in a process that is also known as tarnision, a surface treatment is used to remove any impurities, such as inorganic contaminants, stains, rust or scale that can discolor the steel. The pickling bath, or tarnision liquor, that is used to facilitate this treatment primarily consists of hydrochloric acid, though steels with an alloy content greater than six percent must be pickled in two stages — the initial hydrochloric acid stage, followed by submersion in another strong acid, such as nitric, phosphoric or hydrofluoric.


In jewelry–making pickling is used to remove the oxidation layer from copper, which occurs after heating. The waste product from steel pickling, known as pickling sludge, includes acidic rinse waters, metallic salts and waste acid, all of which make it a hazardous waste that needs to be neutralized with lime before it can be disposed of in a landfill.

Silicon Carbide Slurries — Versatile Cutting Liquids

Slurry is a generic term for any type of thick suspension of solids in a liquid. Silicon carbide slurry is used in a variety of applications in the construction, ceramics, paper and explosives industries, among many others. It is made from a mixture of powdered silicon carbide, also known as carborundum, that is suspended in polyethylene, diethylene glycol or an oil-based fluid. Silicon carbide is an extremely hard, durable, heat-resistant compound. Grains of silicon carbide can be sintered together to help form very hard ceramics that can be used in the manufacture of such diverse products as solar cells, car brakes, clutches and bulletproof vests.