AODD Pumps

Solid-Body Plastic AODD Pumps Deliver the Operational Ability for Abrasive Media

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Because of its degree of hardness, silicon carbide is often used as a cutting liquid, or slurry, in, for example, the manufacture of solar cells and wafers. Most silicon carbide slurries are mixed by the manufacturer, who purchase the silicon carbide powder by the size of the “grit” needed, then mix it with their preferred liquid. Once the slurry is created, it is pumped to storage tanks.

Electroplating — Coating the Electrochemical Way

Electrodeposition is the name of the process used in electroplating. Basically, in the electrodeposition process metal ions in a solution are transferred via an electric field to coat an electrode. It is primarily used to deposit a layer of a material, such as a metal, on an object in an attempt to give it a preferred property, like wear-resistance, lubricity or corrosion protection. The electrodeposition process occurs when the components are introduced to an electrolyte solution that contains one or more dissolved metal salts and other ions that enable the flow of electricity. Depending on the object that is to be plated, the electrolyte solution can be very abrasive.


Printing Inks — Quite An Abrasive Mixture

Printing inks are actually divided into two categories: writing inks and printing inks, with printing inks consisting of two distinct subcategories, ink for conventional printing (where an image is transferred to the paper or object to be printed on via mechanical plate) and ink for digital non-impact printing (such as electrophotographic and ink-jet technologies).

All types of inks are made with a wide variety of components, many of which can be abrasive....