Continuous manufacturing Imas New Concept for Continuous Manufacturing

Author / Editor: Guia Bertuzzi* / Anke Geipel-Kern

Continuous manufacturing is nowadays one of the main drivers of innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. Strongly encouraged by the regulatory authorities for drug production, continuous manufacturing can ensure flexible and efficient production, while improving the pharmaceutical products in terms of potency, effectiveness and safety.

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Adopting a continuous process is a philosophical choice, the practicalities of which can play out in a number of ways. Some focus on total innovation, which involves the product right through its manufacturing process; others rethink consolidated processes in a new light, to draw advantage from reduced production time and costs. Ima has taken steps towards continuous manufacturing by using both approaches: the first through its collaboration with Continuus Pharmaceuticals, the second through the Ima Active Research and Development team.

From Vision to Reality

Continuus Pharmaceuticals is a spin-out of Boston MIT that operates in the development and implementation of continuous processes using new technologies. The aim at Continuus is to produce a final dosage form with optimal therapeutic properties since its early production phases, and even including API synthesis.

This approach is highly innovative: achieving results will be a long-term investment and will require the development of a modular technological platform for application to any product. Being one of the major stakeholders inside Continuus, Ima Active directly supports with resources and skills the second part of this study, where the production of the dosage form actually begins.

Rethinking Current Technologies

In the meanwhile, Ima Active is working on the continuous process by rethinking current technologies, embracing a concept of continuous manufacturing more strongly related to conventional solid forms. The main goal of this latter initiative is to quickly take to the market continuous equipment that could be integrated with conventional technologies, even in existing plant, in order to manufacture existing drugs with higher performance.

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