Counting Line For Solid Dosage Packaging

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

The Marchesini Group recently presented a newest counting line for the American market. Compact 24 Synchro is a Monoblock able to run high production speeds combined with top counting precision.

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Marchesini’s Compact 24 Synchro
Marchesini’s Compact 24 Synchro
(Picture: Marchesini)

Compact 24 Synchro is one of the latest packaging innovations by Marchesini Group for the solid dosage packaging market. This Monoblock is designed to manage high production rates (up to 150 vials a minute), at the same time ensuring the highest possible counting precision. The combination of counting accuracy at high speeds is due to the combined use of two technological innovations.


The first is a so-called “Twin Flap” technology that increases the speed of the 12 channels of each counting unit by drastically reducing the dwell time of the bottle under the funnel (without increasing the number of contact parts). The second innovation is the Synchro-dynamic conveyance system that transfers the counted product into the vial in continuous motion as the vial itself is fed along the line.

The Synchro-dynamic process (the real heart of the machine) along with the “Twin Flap” technology — which splits the 12 channels of each counting unit into two, thus creating a double counter for each unit — ensure the most reliable and accurate counting technology available, Marchesini says. The final result is the most innovative Monoblock solid dosage counting line on the market today, which guarantees complete efficiency of the production process — from the upstream phase of counting to the insertion of the cotton, right through to capping.