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11/1989 - 12/1997 Chemiestudium (Dipl.-Chem.) und Promotion (Dr. rer. nat.) an der Technischen Universität München – Schwerpunkt Technische Chemie; seit 01/2000 Redakteur PROCESS; seit 01/2006 stellv. Chefredakteur PROCESS; seit 01/2019 Chefredakteur PROCESS – Schwerpunkte: MSR-Technik/Prozessautomatisierung, Pumpen/Kompressoren

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The specific range of functions that a digital twin offers depends heavily on the intended purpose. In the process industry this can be very diverse. In-depth process knowledge and comprehensive know-how create the prerequisites for model-based plant operation.

Process Modeling and Digital Twin: Significant Benefits — a Whole Life Long

The digital twin of a plant is a virtual image, which not only allows internal process states to be displayed transparently, but also allows process optimizations to be worked out. Take the example of steam crackers — the king’s class of process plants — and learn how models, simulations and digital twins can be used to generate benefits over the entire life cycle of plants.

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Water hammer can be puzzling, disruptive, and damaging for any operator.
Water Hammer

Who’s Knocking? The Dangers of Water Hammer

Evaluating (and minimizing) water hammer in a liquid sampling system — A common yet often unidentified problem poses a significant threat to any liquid sampling system. It is called water hammer, and it may be lurking in a system, ready to wreak havoc on fluid system components. How to mitigate water hammer?

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On the radar: Each peak of the ‘echo curve’ corresponds to a reflection of the signal: The ‘Reference’ pulse is caused by the transition between transmitter head and probe. A further peak is caused by a reflection on the product surface.
Guided Wave Radar

Level Measurement: How to Make the Best of GWR

Guided Wave Radar (GWR) technology has transformed the way process companies measure level in challenging applications: Providing accurate and reliable results, GWR modules have no moving parts, reducing maintenance to a minimum. Critical for a GWR application is, nevertheless, the correct installation.

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The digital future is all about communication: Industrie 4.0 is finally becoming reality.
Enabling Technologies on Two Wires and Mobile

Fully Enabling the Digital Process Plant

The digital future is all about communication. Big data applications turn huge amounts of raw data into usable information for detailed analysis and informed decision making. IoT-enabled devices seamlessly integrate into comprehensive communication infrastructures. End-to-end Ethernet provides the enabling technology for direct communication free from platform limitations and hierarchical structures. Cloud-based solutions allow the access to any information anytime and anywhere. Industrie 4.0 is finally becoming reality.

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No hassle with the pump: To prevent this from happening, the article reveals useful tips.
Centrifugal Pumps in the Process Industry

How Operators of Centrifugal Pumps Avoid Trouble by Choosing the Right Pumps and the Right Configuration

Selection and configuration of centrifugal pumps — Even though it doesn’t make happy reading for manufacturers of displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps are generally regarded as the workhorse of the process industry — with an estimated market share of around 80 %. And workhorses need to be properly looked after, meaning that operators can reduce trouble down the line with a more careful selection and configuration of centrifugal pumps. Here are some ideas and suggestions for this …

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Field distribution box: Modular fieldbus components support Profibus PA applications in a scalable manner — and therefore always on a demand-oriented basis. Device couplers provide segment protection.
Milestone Interface Technology/Connectivity

Exciting with Inspiration and Innovations

Ever since the 1920s, Phoenix Contact has been driven by one thing: the pursuit of “better.” Already in its early years, the company demonstrated with its first series terminal block, the so-called RWE terminal block, that it works closely with its customers on all new developments. Then and today, it has always been about connectivity: from the field, through mapping and on to connectivity to the process control level. And time and time again, Phoenix Contact products have spearheaded new technology trends.

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Automation of modular plants: highly flexible and modular production plants with decentralised automation enable the process industry to react to fluctuations in demand.
Modular Production

How to Make Programming Decentralised Controllers Easier

Highly flexible and modular production plants with decentralised automation enable the process industry to react to fluctuations in demand. Decentralised controllers are perfect for this. Festo developed a tool for programming these controllers to enable simple application engineering in line with the Module Type Package (MTP) from Namur and ZVEI.

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Fig. 1: Pusher Centrifuge (Pictures: KMPT)

Filtration Equipment Selection Criteria

Filtration centrifuges provide a good method for mechanically separating suspended solids from liquids. Separation in a centrifugal field generated by equipment rotating at high speed has a number of advantages compared to simple vacuum and pressure based techniques.

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