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Nach Chemiestudium und Promotion in Technischer Chemie an der TU München hat es mich zur Jahrtausendwende in den Fachjournalismus und ins schöne Würzburg verschlagen – seither sind die Neugierde, Berichterstattung und Wissensvermittlung für die Prozessindustrien zu meiner Berufung geworden. Vom Redakteur (2000) über den stellvertretenden Chefredakteur (2006) zum Chefredakteur: seit 2019 darf ich ein fantastisches Team führen, das sich die Mission gegeben hat: „Wir bringen Wissen für die Prozessindustrien anführend und lebendig auf den Punkt und machen unsere Leser/User/Teilnehmer und Werbekunden mit einem lösungsorientierten Crossmedia-Angebot zu den für sie relevanten Themen erfolgreicher – national und international.“

Neben den Führungs- und Leitungsaufgaben sind meine Themenschwerpunkte aktuell die Messtechnik/Prozessautomatisierung, die Schüttguttechnik sowie die Welt der Pumpen und Kompressoren. So verantworte ich u. a. inhaltlich und konzeptionell die Förderprozess-Foren (Event-Trio Pumpen-, Schüttgut- und Wasserstoff-Forum) sowie das SIL-Forum. Viele werden mich zudem bereits als Moderator in zahlreichen Webinaren kennengelernt haben.

Articles of the author

Grinding principle of the Dyno-Mill UBM (Source: WAB)
Dispersion and Ultra-fine grinding

Master of the Agitator Bead Mills

Chemical, pharmaceutical and food producers, colleges and universities all over the world use them: Wet-milling technology has been revolutionized by WAB with the development of its horizontal agitator bead mills. At this year’s Achema, the resourceful Swiss company was presenting the latest generation of its Dyno-Mill UBM (Universal Bead Mill).

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The specific range of functions that a digital twin offers depends heavily on the intended purpose. In the process industry this can be very diverse. In-depth process knowledge and comprehensive know-how create the prerequisites for model-based plant operation. (© Patrick Foto / Siemens)

Process Modeling and Digital Twin: Significant Benefits — a Whole Life Long

The digital twin of a plant is a virtual image, which not only allows internal process states to be displayed transparently, but also allows process optimizations to be worked out. Take the example of steam crackers — the king’s class of process plants — and learn how models, simulations and digital twins can be used to generate benefits over the entire life cycle of plants.

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No hassle with the pump: To prevent this from happening, the article reveals useful tips. (©Pixel-Shot - stock.adobe.com)
Centrifugal Pumps in the Process Industry

How Operators of Centrifugal Pumps Avoid Trouble by Choosing the Right Pumps and the Right Configuration

Selection and configuration of centrifugal pumps — Even though it doesn’t make happy reading for manufacturers of displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps are generally regarded as the workhorse of the process industry — with an estimated market share of around 80 %. And workhorses need to be properly looked after, meaning that operators can reduce trouble down the line with a more careful selection and configuration of centrifugal pumps. Here are some ideas and suggestions for this …

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Water hammer can be puzzling, disruptive, and damaging for any operator. (©Ilona Baha - stock.adobe.com; showcake - stock.adobe.com; [M]Roehm)
Water Hammer

Who’s Knocking? The Dangers of Water Hammer

Evaluating (and minimizing) water hammer in a liquid sampling system — A common yet often unidentified problem poses a significant threat to any liquid sampling system. It is called water hammer, and it may be lurking in a system, ready to wreak havoc on fluid system components. How to mitigate water hammer?

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On the radar: Each peak of the ‘echo curve’ corresponds to a reflection of the signal: The ‘Reference’ pulse is caused by the transition between transmitter head and probe. A further peak is caused by a reflection on the product surface. (Picture: Emerson)
Guided Wave Radar

Level Measurement: How to Make the Best of GWR

Guided Wave Radar (GWR) technology has transformed the way process companies measure level in challenging applications: Providing accurate and reliable results, GWR modules have no moving parts, reducing maintenance to a minimum. Critical for a GWR application is, nevertheless, the correct installation.

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Field distribution box: Modular fieldbus components support Profibus PA applications in a scalable manner — and therefore always on a demand-oriented basis. Device couplers provide segment protection. (Phoenix Contact)
Milestone Interface Technology/Connectivity

Exciting with Inspiration and Innovations

Ever since the 1920s, Phoenix Contact has been driven by one thing: the pursuit of “better.” Already in its early years, the company demonstrated with its first series terminal block, the so-called RWE terminal block, that it works closely with its customers on all new developments. Then and today, it has always been about connectivity: from the field, through mapping and on to connectivity to the process control level. And time and time again, Phoenix Contact products have spearheaded new technology trends.

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The digital future is all about communication: Industrie 4.0 is finally becoming reality. (Pepperl+Fuchs)
Enabling Technologies on Two Wires and Mobile

Fully Enabling the Digital Process Plant

The digital future is all about communication. Big data applications turn huge amounts of raw data into usable information for detailed analysis and informed decision making. IoT-enabled devices seamlessly integrate into comprehensive communication infrastructures. End-to-end Ethernet provides the enabling technology for direct communication free from platform limitations and hierarchical structures. Cloud-based solutions allow the access to any information anytime and anywhere. Industrie 4.0 is finally becoming reality.

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Continuous modernization and expansion have shaped the entire history of Aerzen. In 2008, for example, the company built an efficient new production center that matches the broad diversity of products offered. (Aerzener Maschinenfabrik)
Milestone Compressed Air Technology/Compressors

A Passion for Pumping Gases

The year is 1864 — The Bavarian fairy-tale king Ludwig II ascends the throne. The first pneumatic post dispatch system starts up in Hamburg. Lincoln wins the US presidential elections. And the 28-year old Wilhelm Meyer from Hanover/Germany founds a machine company (Maschinenfabrik) in Aerzen. Of all these things, only the company Aerzener Maschinenfabrik is still a presence today. It has grown. And it has benefited from a pioneering spirit and a richness of ideas, courage and hard work.

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Automation of modular plants: highly flexible and modular production plants with decentralised automation enable the process industry to react to fluctuations in demand. (Festo)
Modular Production

How to Make Programming Decentralised Controllers Easier

Highly flexible and modular production plants with decentralised automation enable the process industry to react to fluctuations in demand. Decentralised controllers are perfect for this. Festo developed a tool for programming these controllers to enable simple application engineering in line with the Module Type Package (MTP) from Namur and ZVEI.

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Fig. 1: Pusher Centrifuge (Pictures: KMPT) (Archiv: Vogel Business Media)

Filtration Equipment Selection Criteria

Filtration centrifuges provide a good method for mechanically separating suspended solids from liquids. Separation in a centrifugal field generated by equipment rotating at high speed has a number of advantages compared to simple vacuum and pressure based techniques.

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Proper process monitoring in reverse osmosis processes prevents scaling, fouling and oxidation, yet requires minimal operator intervention. (Pictures: Bürkert Fluid Control Systems) (Archiv: Vogel Business Media)
Keeping RO at Peak Performance

Proper Monitoring Increases Reverse Osmosis Efficiency and Membrane Life

Scaling, fouling and oxidation are the natural enemies of reverse osmosis (RO) systems in water treatment—especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Proper process monitoring and control of critical parameters such as pH, ORP, conductivity, flow, temperature and differential pressure can provide advanced warning and protection of scaling, fouling or chemical attacked. If early warnings are ignored, the membrane may become irreparably damaged.

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According to Dr. Ralf Sick-Sonntag, as a general rule, debottlenecking is unlikely to be very beneficial when the plant is well run, and the opposite is also the case. (Bayer Technology Services)

Debottlenecking: Exploiting Opportunities to Boost Performance

The goal of debottlenecking is to increase production capacity at an existing plant by making modifications to the equipment configuration or workflow. This is accomplished by eliminating bottlenecks that limit throughput. It can be an extremely profitable exercise for users, because in most cases debottlenecking adds extra capacity at a fraction of the cost of new build or expansion. PROCESS has put together some practical examples.

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Mechanical seal system (Picture: Ekato)
Mechanical Seal Systems

How to Select the Right Seal for Mixing Applications

The basic sealing task in mixing applications is to seal the rotating shaft as it passes through the vessel wall. Depending on the operating conditions — pressure, temperature, agitator speed, etc. — different types of seals are used. As this article shows, mechanical seals offer many advantages over other types of seals. Particularly if hazardous or explosive substances are being mixed, a mechanical seal is mandatory.

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Radar level measurement at 80 GHz has created a sensation in recent years: Here, a Vegapuls 64 performs measurements through the thick glass of a glass container in a distillation plant for natural oils. The readings form the basis for automation of the entire process. (Peter Märkl / Micado)
Milestone Instrumentation

Successfully Focusing on the Core Business

While food lovers immediately think of cherry gateau and the regional ham, measurement and control engineers all around the world associate the Black Forest with level and pressure measurement. With close regional ties to its site in Schiltach right in the heart of the Black Forest, Vega has been focusing on these two measuring methods for decades and is regarded an innovation driver in the field. Radar measurement technology in particular has made a major contribution to the success of the company.

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Canned motor pump in use (Picture: Hermetic)
Canned Motor Pumps

Canned Motor Pumps for the Conveying of Liquefied Gases — Alternative for High Pressure

More and more sealless canned motor pumps are being employed for the conveying of liquefied gases. They are distinguished by operational safety, an extremely low level of noise, low life cycle costs and in particular by the high degree of environmental friendliness, alongside their compactness and easy installation. They are a safe alternative to conventional centrifugal pumps and magnetic drive pumps.

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Peep into the Plenary Hall of the 79th NAMUR Annual General Meeting. (Ernhofer/PROCESS)
Day 2 of the NAMUR Annual General Meeting 2016

The Future of Automation: From Field Device Through Modularization to Data Mining...

Tomorrow's automation technology starts today. From field device daily routine through the chances of modularization up to data mining. Suspense and excitement continued on the second day of the Namur Annual General Meeting. Here, it was clearly palpable: The modernization tempo that users and operators in the process automation have jointly unleashed has increased significantly.

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Rentschler Biotechnologie is a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) in biopharmaceuticals, creating products for larger firms that need to be manufactured on a small scale or within a very short time frame. (Picture: Quattroflow)
Diaphragm Pumps in Pharma

How to Choose the Right Pump for Biopharma Manufacture

Rentschler Biotechnologie has built a reputation as one of the biopharmaceutical industry’s top contract manufacturing organizations with the help of Quattroflow quaternary diaphragm pumps. In the company’s new single-use production facility, these pumps’ ability to operate with minimal pulsation helps to keep the process within validation boundaries, especially when it comes to minimizing pressure fluctuations during critical filtration steps.

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The Clean Dock system, controlled by Festo’s modular electrical terminal CPX (Festo/AZO)
Modular Automation

Discover the Advantages of Decentralised Control in Bulk Material Handling

The world of bulk material handling seems easy at first glance: moving, filling, delivering. The art of dealing with a variety of different materials, however, lies in the details, such as the docking and undocking of containers at weighing stations. In the process, cross-contaminations and the release of dusts can occur. Azo Clean Dock prevents this problem. Its latest generation can do even more: it “thinks” for itself.

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The Vegapuls 64 is ideal for installation in smaller processing systems and filling vessels, e.g. in the pharmaceutical and food industry, but also in pilot plants. (Vega)
Radar Level Measurement

New Radar Sensor for Liquids — with 80 GHz in the Spotlight

Vega is sending to the starting line a real “game changer” in radar level measurement — the first 80-GHz sensor for liquids characterized especially by extremely good focusing. This feature will make level measurement more reliable than ever before. Measuring points that were previously considered problematic, such as vessels with internal installations, will benefit most from this “world first”.

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Namur-chairman Dr. Wilhelm Otten opens the Namur assembly 2016 in Bad Neuenahr (Gerd Kielburger)
Overcoming Limits in Process Automation

Remote Operation, Industry 4.0, Modularized Automation – 2016's Namur Assembly Sets the Course...

Expectations from the Namur Annual General Meeting are understandably high - and once again, no one was disappointed. Many exciting and future-oriented lectures and discussions on subjects like Remote Operation, Industry 4.0, modularized automation and plant performance illustrated on the very first day the direction in which users and suppliers in process automation are being forced. The sector must overcome its limits in order to embrace new solutions...

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