Milling Equipment for Particle Size Reduction of Solids Materials in a Range of Applications

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

During Achema 2018, powder size-reduction equipment company Frewitt is featuring a hammer mill and a solids crusher at its stand. The company’s hammer mill, known as the Fredrive Hammerwitt, combines multiple milling technologies in a single milling platform.

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Fredrive Crusher for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Fredrive Crusher for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
(Source: Frewitt)

The Fredrive Hammerwitt is designed specially for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food products industries. According to Frewitt, the Hammerwitt guarantees optimal milling results in the fine milling and pulverization of hard, crystalline and fibrous products to a fineness of up to 30 microns. It can be used for large-capacity production and small-batch production, as well as for laboratory-scale applications.

The Hammerwitt has a compact and modular design, allowing it to easily integrate into a wide variety of process flows, says Frewitt. One of the keys to its ability to fit into many processes is the fact that it is mounted on a mobile lifter, so that the operator only needs to touch a button to bring the device to the desired height so it can be docked at any location in the production area. The mobility and adjustability allow the Hammerwitt to be integrated into a new or existing system in an open or closed application. Its construction ensures reliable production in high-containment and good-manufacturing-practice (GMP) environments, even for very hard products, the company says.

Alongside the Hammerwitt, Frewitt is also featuring the Fredrive Crusher CC3 and CC6, which are machines specially designed for crushing products in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Frewitt says the new concept behind the Fredrive Crusher is that the machine can be easily converted from an oscillating mill to a crusher for solid products with input sizes of between 3 and 15 cm. This feature saves costs. The crusher can reduce them to pieces between 1 and 2 cm. If the rotor becomes blocked by solid material, an intelligent system can detect the blockage and reverse the rotor to prevent a mechanical overload of the system. Also, the function ensures a continuous process without the machine having to shut down. The Fredrive Crushers have a broad spectrum of appllications for any type of dry, moist, hard, cryogenized, or heat-sensitive powder, Frewitt says.

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