Radar Sensor A Real Alternative to Ultrasonic

| Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

In water/sewage applications Radar offers considerable advantages over ultrasonics. For one thing, measurement with radar is independent of temperature influences, wind movements, fog or rain.

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And due to their high sensitivity, radar sensors can even detect the water level under a thin layer of foam. In flow-rate measurement in open channels, a radar sensor is much more accurate than an ultrasonic device because temperature has an especially strong influence due to the small measuring ranges. The new radar sensor Vegapuls WL 61 by Vega was conceived especially for use in water supply and distribution systems and is a real alternative to ultrasonic. The tightly encapsulated cable and robust housing make the high protection rating of IP 66/68 (1 bar) possible. Thanks to the different mounting options, the sensor can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure.