Valves/Automation When Cookie Cutter Products Are Not Enough...

| Editor: Dominik Stephan

A state–of–the–art product portfolio and an efficient and reliable production are basic requirements for success on the highly competitive process component market. Sometimes, nevertheless, off–the–shelf solutions are not enough – The trend is to develop complex and customised systems for the customer, from simple machinery to complex turnkey solutions...

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What have an air nailer gun, multi-valve blocks or refillers for heating systems in common? Probably nothing, you might say. But probably, all of these products are rooted in the same environment: The Bürkert Systemhaus. This unique combination of developing, manufacturing and combining of process components to complete systems of different complexity offers the company the possibility to provide its customers with a tailored, ready–to–use solutions for his needs...

Trend Towards Complete Systems...

The trend towards complete system started around twenty years ago: Already in the 1990s, Bürkert took the first successful steps in developing system solutions for customers. The starting point for customized solutions resulted from inquiries for more than just the components, Josip Martis, Manager Systemhaus explains. To provide these customers with optimal support, a “valve shop” was set up back then, where employees from R+D and Production worked on the development and implementation of these solutions.

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...With Visible Benefits

The benefits were quickly visible: Since Bürkert already offered all elements for a control loop at that time, customers were able to limit the number of their suppliers and contacts. With the growing demand for complete systems, the company was looking to turn this concept into a production model of its own: The "Systemhaus" – This term refers not only to the building itself, Martis states, but to the entire process that takes place there. The idea is based on the first product offered by Bürkert: an incubator. The Systemhaus is an “incubator” for the products manufactured in the factories.