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Author Anke Geipel-Kern

Three production plants, more than 170 employees, and a turnover of over 22 million Euros characterize Vitabalans Oy. This Finnish company develops, manufactures and markets prescription medicines, OTC medicines, food supplements and veterinary products. Now the company expands and builds up a new factory in Finland.

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The Prexima 300 from Ima Active is a compact, flexible and fast tablet press.
The Prexima 300 from Ima Active is a compact, flexible and fast tablet press.
(Source: IMA)

Vitabalans Oy is a fast developing Finnish pharmaceutical company. Based in Hämeenlinna, 100 km north of Helsinki, the company was founded in 1980 and began exporting its products in 1995. In the following 20 years, the company expanded across the European market and now has subsidiaries in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Germany.

Vitabalans manufacture powders, creams, solutions, and tablets. “State-of-the-art facilities and modern machinery, combined with well trained and highly motivated staff, are the foundations our company is built on”, says Production Manager Juuso Karvanen. In keeping with the need to stay up to date, Vitabalans last year installed a new tablet press machine, the Prexima 300 from Italian manufacturer Ima Active.


Looking for High Speed

“We were looking for top-level performance from the new tableting machine”, Karvanen says. “The most critical issue relates to the hardness of our tablets, which requires high compression forces. Our old tablet press could not provide the necessary pressure unless we decreased the speed.”

“We chose the Prexima series because it ensures optimal performance even with the most difficult-to-handle powders. We ran a series of tests at the Ima Active laboratory, and the machine’s performance proved to be top-level. The Prexima tablet press provides the high compression forces required for our product manufacturing without reducing the speed.”

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