Germany: Management Decision Romaco Appoints Markus Kimpel as New Group CFO

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Markus Kimpel will succeed Carsten Strenger who will be leaving the Romaco Group by the end of 2019. Kimpel has been appointed as the new Group CFO as well as Managing Director of Romaco Pharmatechnik.

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Markus Kimpel is the new CFO of the Romaco Group.
Markus Kimpel is the new CFO of the Romaco Group.
(Source: Romaco Group)

Karlsruhe/Germany – Romaco Holding has recently announced the appointment of Markus Kimpel as the new Group CFO as well as Managing Director of Romaco Pharmatechnik, the manufacturing facility in Karlsruhe (Germany). He will be taking over both positions from Carsten Strenger, who is leaving the company at his own request at the end of 2019. Kimpel will in the future lead the international Romaco Group’s management team together with Romaco CEO Jörg Pieper. He will simultaneously work alongside Markus Regner as joint Managing Director of Romaco Pharmatechnik. Kimpel will have responsibility for Finance, Controlling, IT and Human Resources both as CFO and in his role as Managing Director of Romaco Pharmatechnik.

In the course of a career spanning nearly 25 years, Markus Kimpel has accumulated extensive management experience in the construction and automotive supplies industries as well as in the engineering sector. A native of Frankfurt, he holds a degree in Business Administration & Mechanical Engineering and has served in various management positions including Managing Director, CFO, Director Finance and Interim Plant Manager. Most recently, he was Managing Director & CFO at the Aalen-based Alfing Special Machine Group as well as Group CFO at aluplast in Karlsruhe.

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“We particularly value Markus Kimpel’s experience as a manager and as a proven financial specialist”, emphasised Jörg Pieper, CEO Romaco Group. “With him on board the management team, we are optimally prepared for whatever commercial or processing challenges lie ahead of us. He will be a great asset for our company and a worthy successor to Carsten Strenger. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Strenger on behalf of everyone at Romaco for being such a great colleague to work with and wish him all the best for his professional future.”

Innovative change management

“I enjoy taking on new challenges”, Kimpel explained. “Wrapping up the Romaco Group’s integration into Truking, the Chinese parent company, will call for a mix of commercial expertise and diplomatic skills. I am personally looking forward to this new, exciting assignment together with my team because I firmly believe this German-Sino constellation offers development and growth opportunities for all players.”

The Romaco Group was sold by Deutsche Beteiligungs to the Truking holding in May 2017. A three-year plan was drawn up for Romaco’s integration into the operative Truking Technology. Romaco Holding and its subsidiaries will be transferred to the listed company Truking Technology in 2020. Truking Technology, the Chinese pharmaceutical engineering group, has been listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange (SZSE) since 2014.