Trade Show Ima to Host ‘Sensing Future Days’ Event Virtually

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Amidst the global pandemic of Covid-19, Ima will be organising a virtual ‘Sensing Future Days’ event from May 11–13 as well as from June 10–11 for the packaging industry. The participants can update themselves on the technical details of various machines showcased at the show and also interact with specialists from the field.

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The Sensing Future Days are part of the #StayConnect project by Ima Digital.
The Sensing Future Days are part of the #StayConnect project by Ima Digital.
(Source: Ima)

Italy – Many countries in the world are experiencing social distancing and isolation and especially now, more than ever, it is important for the industry to stay connected and feel part of a community. This was the spirit that inspired Ima’s ‘Sensing Future Days’ event, marked by innovation, manufacturing processes, new packaging materials handling, sustainability and environment, digitalisation, new trending topics, and much more.

This initiative will be held from May 11–13 as well as from June 10–11, and will house both prominent personalities from the academic world and some of the most influential business leaders in the packaging industry. Live moments and interaction with special guests will also alternate with the interventions of Ima specialists.

Virtual rooms will host the machines on show, unveiling all the technical features and sharing the relevant information with the participants. In these specific areas, it is possible to get in touch directly with the specialists concerned, and, in case, to access a private hub for a one-to-one meeting.

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Moreover, the participants will have the opportunity not only to get in touch with Ima specialists but also to specific corporate areas such as Ima Digital to discover the firm’s digital products and services, Ima Packaging laboratory to know more about the most innovative and sustainable materials. Finally yet importantly, the HR Department will also illustrate the many aspects of the Ima working life.

This brand-new platform will allow one to stay connected with the company’s virtual sessions and get a chance to learn more about the firm’s vision of the future in a smart way, directly on one’s armchair.

The Sensing Future Days are part of the #StayConnect project by Ima Digital.

Do not miss these five intensive days of advanced technology insights, latest innovation and shared experience with masters of packaging and processing machines.