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Control System Digital Control Technology for Blowers and Compressors

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Aerzen develops its portfolio in the field of assembly control and counts on the advantages of digitalisation. With the newly developed Aertronic, the company has now succeeded in extending the functional spectrum of its predecessor by digital applications.

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The new generation of Aerzen’s Aertronic machine control system is available in three versions – Basic, Advanced and Premium.
The new generation of Aerzen’s Aertronic machine control system is available in three versions – Basic, Advanced and Premium.
(Source: Aerzen)

Aerzen has realised that the further development of digital functions in the control technology of process air systems brings extensive advantages for the operators of the machines: The software-based recording, analysis and evaluation of relevant process parameters not only makes digital solutions more user-friendly, but also enables significant optimisation in operation.

The new generation of the Aertronic machine control system has therefore been specially developed to meet the customer requirements of various industries. The firm offers the system in three versions – Basic, Advanced and Premium. These differ in their range of functions and can therefore be tailored to the individual needs of the plant operator.

The Basic variant acts as a digital machine parameter display and fault indicator. The user can now read the relevant process parameters such as pressures and temperatures on a modern display and transfer them easily and conveniently to the control room via Modbus RTU interface - unlike its predecessor, an analogue display unit with circular instrumentation.

In addition to these functions, the Advanced control unit offers the possibility of actively controlling processes.

The device uses sensors to identify critical states in the process and switches off the machine if necessary in order to prevent damage. In addition, the plant operator has the possibility to transmit the recorded parameters via Modbus RTU to his higher-level systems such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (Scada). This function makes it possible to make processes in the plant even more transparent and to identify potential for improvement at an early stage, adds the firm. This variety of functions plays out its advantages above all with the Delta Screw screw compressor and is therefore provided as standard.

According to the company, if one is looking for an ‘Industry 4.0 ready’ solution for their processes, they will find an advanced and user-friendly machine control in the Aertronic Advanced.

The premium version is based on the Advanced control unit and enables the operator to access further services via the Aerzen platform to increase availability, efficiency and evaluation. The artificial intelligence ensures even more efficient, reliable and smarter machine operation, concludes the firm.