Automation Concepts Decentralized Control for Holistic Growth

Editor: Dominik Stephan

With the aim of sustainable growth, Turck India Automation has been serving the automation needs of the varied industries in India. Here is a read on how the company has served the Indian market and plans to continue this journey further.

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Glimpses of Turck India Automation’s new office premises, warehouse and assembly center
Glimpses of Turck India Automation’s new office premises, warehouse and assembly center
(Picture: Turck India Automation)

Turck India Automation has recently expanded its facility in Pune with the view of serving its customers better. Together, the new office, warehouse and assembly center is spread over an area of 8,000 sq ft. With the expanded facility, the company plans to deliver high quality products and solutions by the way of customization.

“We are now focusing on system integrated automation solutions for customers who are mainly in the automotive, cement, pharmaceutical and process industries. Also, we plan to engineer solutions for other subsidiaries of Turck Automation located in other parts of the world,” informs Managing Director, Turck India Automation, Pradeep Arora.

Focus on sustainable growth

The company has been in the Indian market for eight years now. Talking about the company’s strategy in the country, Vice President Sales Process Automation, Hans Turck, Frank Rohn says, “This journey has been exciting. We did not come to India only to increase our product portfolio. Our approach from the initial days has been to learn and understand the Indian market so that we can sustain here for long. Hence, our progress may seem slower as compared to other companies, but it has been gradual and constant.”

One of the biggest challenges that most of the companies entering in this country face is the price-sensitivity of the customers. However, Managing Director, Hans Turck, Ulrich Turck thinks that this mindset is gradually changing. He shares, “The customers have learnt over the period of time that lowest priced product is not always the best option. Nowadays, customers look for long term investment by opting for high-quality products rather than making a decision merely on the pricing factor. In other words, lately value-for-money products are in demand.”

Industry 4.0

Adding to it, Rohn notes, “Indian customers have a clear idea about their requirements, and hence they pick and choose only those products and solutions that they need. In a way, I would say Indians are already following the Industry 4.0 concept that is focused on decentralized control of process of machines.

The company is also contributing towards the Industry 4.0 concept with its latest products such as RFID systems with decentralized programmable gateways, sensors with I/O Link functionality, development of MES software, etc. Elaborating on it, Turck says, “Our RFID system, which is mainly used in hazardous areas, is a true example of the Industry 4.0 as it is an intelligent system that works in a decentralized environment.” Apart from that the company also offers various other products such as Fieldbus technology, machine safety, industrial controls, power supplies, LED technology, etc.