Biopharmaceutical Market in India Business Success in India Depends on the Partner’s Ability to Deliver Quality - Quickly and Efficiently

Editor: Marion Henig

Biopharmaceutical segment occupies around 75 per cent in the pi-chart of the Indian Biotechnology sector, which is on a fast-growth track – targeting to reach $10-billion revenue by 2015 from $4 billion posted in the last fiscal. Bangalore-based Sartorius Stedim India is all set to boost this growth. In an exclusive interview with PROCESS India, Amit Chatterjee, Managing Director of the company, reveals his company’s strength and service strategy for the Indian market.

Amit Chatterjee, Managing Director of Sartorius Stedim India (Picture: PROCESS India)
Amit Chatterjee, Managing Director of Sartorius Stedim India (Picture: PROCESS India)

Prasanta Kumar Chatterjee: How is the Biopharmaceutical products’ demand growing in India?

Amit Chatterjee: The demand for Biopharmaceutical products in India is growing both in the domestic market as well as from Exports at a pace of 20 per cent. This is being largely fuelled by increase in healthcare awareness & facilities, immunization programmes and urbanization of the society at large. On the supply side, the demand is also catalysed by the realization of the Indian pharmaceutical industry – that the future of disease management may lie more with Biopharmaceuticals – and hence one sees consistent investments in Biopharmaceuticals by the large pharma companies. This is also supported by high quality human resources’ availability in India. The attractiveness of this sector is accentuated by the shorter time-to-market possibilities in Biosimilars and Biobetters.