Cavitation Technology Brewing it Up – How Hydrodynamic Cavitation Changes the F&B Industry

Editor: Dominik Stephan

SPX Cavitation Technology for beverage processing – A report on how the latest hydrodynamic cavitation technology enhances resource efficiency in processing and helps in maintaining the quality of beverages.

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SPX’s Cavitation technology offers the real potential to reduce operational costs and provide higher end-product quality.
SPX’s Cavitation technology offers the real potential to reduce operational costs and provide higher end-product quality.
(Picture: SPX Flow Technologies)

The APV Cavitator ensures highly efficient gas dispersion, microscopic mixing, dispersion, emulsification as well as effective hydration and functionalization and scale free heating of heat sensible products. The rising global demand for high value beverages is being driven by many factors including a growing young population and increased spending power in emerging markets.

The growth of the nutritional beverage market is further driven by the health and wellness trends with increasing consumer demands for products that are natural, functional, healthy, tasty and convenient.

Environmental pressures combined with a highly competitive market place, calling for more diverse and premium products, requires new and innovative processing technologies.

Proven Technology for Beverage and Nutritional Drinks

SPX is a leading innovative component supplier and its technology is used across various beverage categories from beer and other alcoholic drinks to juice, soft drinks, flavored water, RTD tea and particulate drinks.

In addition, SPX comprises full line processing systems and solutions to meet the growing demands of the nutritional beverage market from non dairy soy, almond, and oat milk to dairy sports drinks with high protein content to a wide range of flavored drinking milk and fermented milk drink categories.

Our food technologists are constantly focusing on new ways to support customers with modern challenges. SPX’s equipment portfolio includes a wide range of flow components, dairy and nutritional beverage process line equipment from dairy based raw materials intake, ingredients mixing and blending, to thermal processing.


These may also include partnerships for filling lines. Supported by leading innovation centres, SPX has proven its ability in helping customers develop and produce a wide range of high quality and safe nutritional beverages.