Iraq: Plant Engineering Axens’ Technology Selected for Basrah Refinery Upgrading Project

Editor: Ahlam Rais

South Refineries Company’s Basrah refinery upgrading project in Iraq will make use of various technologies from Axens in order to increase its gasoline and diesel production. The move is expected to reduce imports of petroleum products in the country.

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Axens will also provide catalysts & adsorbents, key technology features such as proprietary equipment, trainings and technical services for the project.
Axens will also provide catalysts & adsorbents, key technology features such as proprietary equipment, trainings and technical services for the project.
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Basrah/Iraq – Part of Iraq’s Ministry of Oil, the state-owned South Refineries Company (SRC) executed the upgrading of its refinery located in Basrah, Iraq by implementing a new refining plant adjacent to the existing refinery facility. The Basrah Upgrading Project is now reaching the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) phase carried out by JGC Corporation (JGC).

Axens is pleased to continue being involved in this important Iraqi project, which will increase the gasoline and diesel production along with other oil products, reducing the national refined products imports. The Basrah Upgrading Project will also improve oil refinery efficiency of the complete facility.

The different Axens’ technologies that were selected and will be used in the project are given below:

- a Diesel hydrotreatment unit (Prime-DTM),

- a VGO Hydrotreating unit

- a VGO FCC unit,

- an oligomerization unit (Polynaphtha)

PROCESS Insights 2020-05
Challenges for EPC Contractors

With an influx of largescale petrochemical construction projects, EPC Contractors will have to be confronted with challenges such as finding enough capacity and quality of construction manpower, delayed permits etc. which require an EPC strategy to stay competitive in this ever-growing market.

This 12-page Process Insight will discuss the current changes in the EPC business and the impact of these changes on EPC projects. Besides the effect of the Coronavirus as well as the current oil price crash on the contracting industry will also be analyzed and an outlook for the industry will be given.

Thus, an integrated scheme around the FCC unit is implemented thanks to Axens’ unique position for a complete FCC suite of technologies from pre-treatment to post-treatment. The Polynaphtha technology downstream the FCC unit for oligomerization of light olefins aims at maximizing gasoline production.

With this award, another reference is added to the long list of more than 300 FCC projects. Industrial successes in this domain keep the FCC Alliance as a global leader with a track record of 4 new grassroots FCC units started up in the past 4 years.

In addition, Axens will provide catalysts & adsorbents, key technology features such as proprietary equipment, trainings and technical services.

“The Basrah refinery is expanding its operations by increasing its gasoline and diesel production while improving the fuels quality. This will help to solve one of the main challenges to lower national petroleum products imports, revitalizing the Iraqi refining sector damaged by war and deterioration. South Refineries Company selected Axens for its wide and proven experience in refining, as a partner to supply technologies but also to support throughout the whole project,” said Jacques Rault, Conversion & clean fuels Business Line Director, Process Licensing at Axens.

“The Iraqi Ministry of Oil and the Southern Refineries Company with the support of the Japanese Government represented by the Jica organization are doing great work to complete the Basrah Refinery Development / FCC Project by adopting the latest technologies and designs provided by Axens. With the construction contract signed with the Japanese company JGC on October 1, 2020 and then activated on February 15, 2021, the project activities started according to the agreed schedule. Among other developments, we are pleased to complete this vital and important project that supports the production of oil derivatives meeting international standards and environmental requirements adopted in this field and relieves the burden of oil products imports,” said Ibraheem Al-Salihi, FCC Project Manager, South Refineries Company.

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