Kizad Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi: Kizad Industrial Zone Offers New Opportunities

Editor: Sabine Mühlenkamp

The port of Khalifa and the adjacent Kizad industrial zone are among the biggest infrastructural mega-projects in Abu Dhabi to date. The declared objective is to turn the region into one of the world’s biggest industrial areas. The hub is set to become increasingly interesting for German companies too.

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Zone A of Kizad and Khalifa Port cover a surface area of 52 km², but will be expanded to 418 km² in the second construction phase — equivalent to one third of the size of Singapore.
Zone A of Kizad and Khalifa Port cover a surface area of 52 km², but will be expanded to 418 km² in the second construction phase — equivalent to one third of the size of Singapore.
(Picture: Kizad)

“Made in Germany” is regarded as a seal of quality for high-end products. Ever more frequently, however, German companies are producing to their high standards at international locations in order to gain faster and more focused access to worldwide growth markets. Abu Dhabi, too, is now seeking German producers with attractive relocation terms.

In the Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (or Kizad for short), specially designed clusters comprising industries such as aluminum manufacturing, steel production, glassmaking, pharmaceuticals and food, paper, printing and packaging and logistics are being established. Kizad intends to dovetail the main sectors of industry into vertically integrated industrial clusters through the links to the road, rail, air and sea routes and both generate savings and reduce costs in transport and production through their spatial proximity.

The key step is Abu Dhabi’s newly opened Khalifa Port. It is the only fully functional deepwater port in the region to have a semi-automated container terminal. All container shipments to and from Abu Dhabi will now be handled through this new facility. Some € 5.64 billion was invested in this and in Zone A (first phase) of Kizad.

A Good Opportunity to Expand into the Stable Middle East Region

“The rising demand for construction projects and engineering services in the Middle East and the Gulf region goes hand in hand with the corresponding interest in what Kizad has to offer — from both large and smaller German industrial companies”, commented Khaled Salmeen, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the huge industrial zone. Kizad offered businesses a good opportunity to expand into the stable Middle East region and establish themselves there. Salmeen: “Our strategically advantageous geographical location, the links to the first-class regional road networks in the whole Persian Gulf region and the low operating costs combine with our unbureaucratic “one stop shop” concept to offer exciting prospects for investors.”

It is entirely logical, then, that Kizad is going to support the “German Industry Day” 2013. Held annually in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), this event has specialized in improving the flow of business activities between Germany, the UAE and the neighboring Gulf region, facilitating the corresponding joint ventures and smoothing the exchange of know-how and transfer of technology between these countries. The German Industry Day is being held for the fifth time and is a forum that opens the door to investment opportunities.

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