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Sabine Mühlenkamp

Dipl.-Ing. Sabine Mühlenkamp studierte Chemieingenieurwesen an der Universität Karlsruhe (heute KIT), bevor sie als Redakteurin für die PROCESS arbeitete. Seit 17 Jahren ist sie freie Journalistin mit den Schwerpunkten Automatisierungstechnik und Verfahrenstechnik und schreibt regelmäßig über diese Themen in der PROCESS und anderen Zeitschriften.
Außerdem verantwortet sie das Magazin SCHÜTTGUT, das alle Themen rund um die Partikel- und Schüttguttechnologie abdeckt.

Articles of the author

The company started out building mills — but today Azo delivers innovative raw materials handling systems for reliable automation of production processes in the fields of food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and plastics.
Milestone Powder & Bulk Solids Technology

Raw Materials Processes Redefined

How does a company go from building mills and silo systems to becoming a specialist in raw materials handling? With creativity and inventive spirit, that is how. As a result, today the name Azo stands for wide-ranging know-how and expertise in all areas relating to raw materials, plant construction and process engineering, as well as control technology and automation. And all this with the goal of automating bulk materials and fluids handling processes.

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Radar level measurement at 80 GHz has created a sensation in recent years: Here, a Vegapuls 64 performs measurements through the thick glass of a glass container in a distillation plant for natural oils. The readings form the basis for automation of the entire process.
Milestone Instrumentation

Successfully Focusing on the Core Business

While food lovers immediately think of cherry gateau and the regional ham, measurement and control engineers all around the world associate the Black Forest with level and pressure measurement. With close regional ties to its site in Schiltach right in the heart of the Black Forest, Vega has been focusing on these two measuring methods for decades and is regarded an innovation driver in the field. Radar measurement technology in particular has made a major contribution to the success of the company.

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Whether for vaporization, sublimation, rectification, filtration, drying or conveying: all these process steps in chemical procedures are accelerated or made possible in the first place with vacuum. Pfeiffer Vacuum has embodied a fascination for vacuum technology and its possibilities for more than 125 years. The company is also perfectly set up for the challenges of Industry 4.0.
Milestone Vacuum Technology

Nothing Works Without the “Nothing”...

It may just be “nothing,” but this “nothing” really packs a punch! Without vacuum, many everyday things would be impossible — whether spectacles, smartphones, medicines or foodstuffs with a long shelf life. Pfeiffer Vacuum has been synonymous for high-quality vacuum technology for over 125 years. And it is not just the technology itself that makes the company stand out, but above all its feeling for the different challenges faced by particular industries.

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“We are proud that we are already able to show off a number of Industry 4.0 installations with prominent customers and strong partners that really highlight the opportunities and benefits of digitalization and networking.” Günther Lukassen, Managing director of Endress+Hauser  Germany
Exclusive Interview: Milestone Process Automation

“We Give Customers What They Need”

For 65 years, family company Endress+Hauser has managed the balancing act of constantly striving for innovation while never forgetting about its roots. Then and today, the main focus has always been on serving the customer. How this can be done in the era of digitalization is highlighted by Günther Lukassen, Managing Director of Endress+Hauser Germany, and Nikolaus Krüger, member of the Executive Board at Endress+Hauser.

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Smart door opener: From now on it’s also possible to control and read out diagnostic data of flowmeters in the SIL loop.
Process Safety

Newly Developed Solution Enables Advanced Diagnostics of Measuring Devices

In many chemical industry plants, a safety controller ensures the required level of safety — in the event of danger, it switches off. In order to do justice to this task, it decides, like a watchman, which signals from the field level may be forwarded to higher-level systems and which not. Field device diagnostics for maintenance and optimization have so far been left out of the scope. For the first time, a solution jointly developed by Endress+Hauser and Hima also grants access to advanced diagnostics from instruments applied in safety loops.

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Powtech ist more than purely a technology fair. Here, work, discussion and technical exchange among engineers open new valuable contacts.
Powtech 2017

The Latest Preparations for Powtech Run at Full Blast

Will the visitor record of 16,000 for the previous event be broken this year? There is no reason why it should not be like that with regard to the focus topics of Powtech 2017. And the challenges of the bulk solid process industry are unabatedly high. Containment, traceability and, of course, digitalization demand new ideas and technologies.

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Peep into the Plenary Hall of the 79th NAMUR Annual General Meeting.
Day 2 of the NAMUR Annual General Meeting 2016

The Future of Automation: From Field Device Through Modularization to Data Mining...

Tomorrow's automation technology starts today. From field device daily routine through the chances of modularization up to data mining. Suspense and excitement continued on the second day of the Namur Annual General Meeting. Here, it was clearly palpable: The modernization tempo that users and operators in the process automation have jointly unleashed has increased significantly.

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Namur-chairman Dr. Wilhelm Otten opens the Namur assembly 2016 in Bad Neuenahr
Overcoming Limits in Process Automation

Remote Operation, Industry 4.0, Modularized Automation – 2016's Namur Assembly Sets the Course...

Expectations from the Namur Annual General Meeting are understandably high - and once again, no one was disappointed. Many exciting and future-oriented lectures and discussions on subjects like Remote Operation, Industry 4.0, modularized automation and plant performance illustrated on the very first day the direction in which users and suppliers in process automation are being forced. The sector must overcome its limits in order to embrace new solutions...

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