Industry Automation Insider A 16–Billion–Dollar–Market: Emerson Introduces “Pervasive Sensors”

Author / Editor: Courteousy of INDUSTRY UTOMATION INSIDER, published and written/edited by Nick Denbow / Dominik Stephan

Emerson untaps a new market: The introduction of the comapyn's “Pervasive Sensors” technology could change plant automationa nd sensor techology, opening a new US $ 16 billion market, Industry Automation Insider authorNick Denbrow blieves...

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Peter Zornio: "A whole new area of real-time sensors producing actionable information"
Peter Zornio: "A whole new area of real-time sensors producing actionable information"
(Picture: Emerson)

The theme of the main new initiative launched at the Emerson Global Users Exchange this month, held at Grapevine in Texas, was “Pervasive Sensing”. Peter Zornio, chief strategic officer at Emerson Process Management, explained that the capabilities available with modern sensors and wireless communications have opened up new areas of real-time sensing – giving valuable business critical data in the fields of reliability, safety, security and energy efficiency.

These sensors, with their relatively low installation costs, offer a viable proposition for a new service to industries such as those of oil and gas, refining, chemical, power, and mining, where installing additional sensors to monitor nonprocess parameters has traditionally been physically difficult - and therefore expensive. For Emerson, creating this new business area is anticipated to produce a new $15-16Bn market in ten years – equivalent in value to the current market they operate in with the supply of process measurement sensors, in the same end users. Hence the Emerson interest.


What are Pervasive Sensors?

A Pervasive Sensor is characterized by being a robust sensor with no requirement for maintenance or calibration once installed. It typically has no penetration into the process, or pipe – it is either a clamp-on sensor or externally mounted, possibly covering an area of the plant.

It would typically use wireless to transmit data into the plant network for remote monitoring, and the information delivered to the operator would be after further technical interpretation – in order to deliver actionable business information.

The list of sensors already assembled by Emerson for this type of duty, given by Peter Zornio and later explained in more detail by Tom Moser, president of the Rosemount measurement and analytical products business, read like a summary of the recent Emerson acquisitions – featuring the Groveley Incus leak detector (previously known as the Banshee), the CSI vibration monitoring systems, the Roxar corrosion and erosion detectors – plus the NetSafety flame detectors, which will be added later.