Denmark: Engineering World’s First Dynamic Green Ammonia Plant to be Built by 2023

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Skovgaard Invest, Vestas and Topsoe have claimed to develop the world’s first dynamic green ammonia demonstration plant in Denmark. The project has received approximately 13 million dollars of funding from the Danish Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program.

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Green ammonia can serve as a clean fuel fix for the shipping industry.
Green ammonia can serve as a clean fuel fix for the shipping industry.
(Source: Haldor Topsoe)

Kgs. Lyngby/Denmark – The green ammonia plant, which will be built by Skovgaard Invest, Vestas and Topsoe, will be state of the art and the world’s first so-called dynamic green ammonia plant. The dynamic approach entails that the clean power from wind turbines and solar panels will be connected directly to the electrolysis unit making it more cost-effective than if involving a battery or hydrogen storage.

Topsoe will design the plant’s dynamic ammonia technology to secure optimal production and adapt to the inherent fluctuations in power output from wind turbines and solar panels. The ammonia plant will interface to a green hydrogen solution developed by Vestas, integrating electrolysis with wind and solar in one smart control system. In addition, the renewable energy generation will be connected directly to the national grid so surplus power can be sold to the grid.

The partnership will jointly invest in the project.

The green ammonia plant is a prime example of how renewable electricity can be converted to sustainable fuels via electrolysis.

Kim Grøn Knudsen, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Topsoe

Bjarke Mollerup Bitsch, Business Development at Skovgaard Invest: “At Skovgaard Invest, we expect that the Reddap project will build on our capability within practical execution, power-to-X project planning, and provide us with an opportunity to gain expertise in daily operations of a fully dynamic ammonia plant. We believe that crucial know-how can be drawn from the demonstration project, which will then feed in to future industrial scale projects.

Ole Kiil Nielsen, Vice President and Head of Power-To-X Solutions at Vestas: “We are excited to move forward with the world’s first fully dynamic industrial-scale renewable ammonia plant as it highlights the viability of electrification beyond the power sector. The project demonstrates an integrated power-to-X use case with significant demand potential.”

Facts about the green ammonia plant

  • Location: Western Jutland, Denmark
  • Output: More than 5,000-ton green ammonia annually from renewable power. This production will prevent 8,200 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere every year.
  • Power supplied from renewable sources: 12 MW from six existing V80-2.0 MW Vestas wind turbines and 50 MW from new solar panels.

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