CO2-neutral lithium Vulcan Energie produces the first battery-grade lithium hydroxide

Author Andreas Wehner

Vulcan wants to produce lithium in a climate-neutral and CO2-free way. The company has now produced battery-grade lithium hydroxide monohydrate in a German pilot plant.

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Horst Kreuter (left), Managing Director Germany, and Francis Wedin (right), CEO of Vulcan Energie.
Horst Kreuter (left), Managing Director Germany, and Francis Wedin (right), CEO of Vulcan Energie.
(Source: Artis/ Uli Deck)

German lithium producer Vulcan says it has produced the first battery-grade lithium hydroxide monohydrate (LHM). According to the company, the sample impresses with 56.5 percent LiOH.H2O and a minimum of impurities.

Vulcan Energie aims to be the world’s first lithium producer with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. The company has developed a process to filter lithium from thermal water in the Upper Rhine Graben area in Germany. By using renewable heat, the entire process is supposed to be climate-neutral and the process CO2-free. The pilot plant has been running since April.

According to Vulcan, a feasibility study is currently being prepared for the commercialization of the process. A demonstration plant is scheduled for completion in autumn 2023, and Vulcan plans commercial production for 2024.

“A sustainable and climate-friendly raw material supply for the battery industry in Europe is not utopia,” commented Horst Kreuter, Managing Director of Vulcan Energie Ressourcen, on the results. Thus, the Upper Rhine area could establish itself as a center for the industrial production of CO2-free lithium and thus strengthen the independence of the European battery industry and regional value creation.