Valves Valves for Hydrogen Production

Source: Press release Pfeiffer Chemie-Armaturenbau Reading Time: 1 min

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Samson Pfeiffer offers smart valves that can be used for the purpose of hydrogen production. The firm supplies its valves to companies that focus on the development of electrolysis plants.

The valves for H₂ technology made by Samson Pfeiffer are ready for shipment.
The valves for H₂ technology made by Samson Pfeiffer are ready for shipment.
(Source: Pfeiffer Chemie-Armaturenbau)

Samson Pfeiffer offers intelligent valves for hydrogen production. The firm’s ball valve project consists of lined valves with PTFE and PFA bodies and are preferably Pfeiffer parts from the established 20b series.

The tight-closing ball valve, which the company manufactures in different variants promptly, reliably and in the desired quantity, is used in piping systems - also for aggressive media. The advantages of the premium product from the Lower Rhine region in Europe come into their own, especially in the case of high requirements in chemical plants, as necessitated by an energetic element such as hydrogen, shares the company.

Samson Pfeiffer supplies to companies in the field of electrolysis plants. The focus is on clean energy supply with green hydrogen on an industrial scale as an essential building block for climate protection. Pfeiffer develops and supplies the valves for this innovative future technology in close cooperation with its parent company Samson (Frankfurt). Samson Pfeiffer has the expertise required for the demanding applications in the H₂ segment.

The Gulf region plays a key role in this context. Samson Pfeiffer also supplies its technology for hydrogen plants there. Green hydrogen is to be produced in the Persian Gulf on the basis of renewable energy sources. This will also require control and shut-off valves from Kempen and Frankfurt. Production at Pfeiffer and Samson is accordingly running at full speed.


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