Valves Valve Manufacturer Effebi Offers a Wide Choice of High-quality Ball Valves

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Effebi is an Italian manufacturer of ball valves and pipe fittings in steel, stainless steel and brass. With 20 years’ experience spanning all types of industrial plant, the company offers a vast range of innovative yet proven shut-off valves.

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Effebi’s design and manufacturing processes pay strict attention to quality. (Picture: Effebi)
Effebi’s design and manufacturing processes pay strict attention to quality. (Picture: Effebi)

Thanks to an integrated production process which begins with careful selection of raw materials, supported by a strictly controlled quality system certified to ISO 9001:2008, Effebi has become a leader in the Italian and international markets and a reference for valve quality, reliability, competence and customer care.

The industrial valves department has developed steadily, taking as its foundation the know-how and production skills of its subsidiary Binox. Effebi now provides a wide choice of valves for many different applications.

The requirements of customers always come first. To support this business philosophy Effebi assigns specialist staff trained to a high level to oversee special projects, and to provide one-stop sources of rapid information for customers who require quotations or urgent shipments. To ensure a high level of customer service, in 2007 Effebi opened a new 7,000 m2 logistics centre next to its head office in Bovezzo near Milan.

Progressive Management

From the first, Effebi has followed a progressive management philosophy with quality assurance firmly in mind. When the company obtained ISO 9002 quality certification in 1991, for instance, it was among the first to do so in this business area. In 1995 Effebi became one of the first companies in Italy to gain certification for ISO 9001, the strictest quality standard which includes engineering and product design.

In 2001 Effebi again updated its quality certification to assimilate the changes introduced by ISO 9001:2008. These are important improvements which concern the dynamics of the company. Examples are an increased focus on measuring and improving customer satisfaction, and more attention given to human resources, in support of the principle that it is people who create companies. The current level of certification is now ISO 9001:2010, but the drive for continuous quality improvement never stops.

With environmental issues also developing rapidly, Effebi is following an environmental program centered on UNI EN ISO 14001:2004. Effebi believes that excellence in the management of environmental protection will in future be one of guiding principles of the company. Two of the most important aims of the environmental plan are to favor suppliers with a low environmental impact, and to reduce the amount of energy used to manufacture each product.