Japan: Fuel Cell Technology Toray Plans Fivefold Expansion of Carbon Paper Production

Editor: Alexander Stark

Toray Industries is going to construct a large-scale facility to manufacture carbon paper for electrode substrates of fuel cell stacks at its Ehime Plant.

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Toyota's Mirai
Toyota's Mirai
(Source: Toray)

Tokyo/Japan — The new facility will have a production capacity about five times of the existing facility, at its Shiga Plant to respond to the future increase in demand, the manufacturer announced, adding that they also expect growing demand for carbon paper in other applications such as stationary fuel cells and forklifts. Construction is expected to be completed in May 2018.

The company is currently working on application of carbon paper in fuel cell stacks with several customers. Their carbon paper for electrode substrates of fuel cell stacks has been adopted for the fuel cell vehicle Mirai, introduced in December 2014 by Toyota Motor Corporation, and another fuel cell vehicle Clarity Fuel Cell, launched in March 2016 by Honda Motor.