New Product The 3-D Filter Structure Makes the Difference

Editor: Ahlam Rais

With its specially aligned three-dimensional fiber matrix, the AS Depth filter cartridge with 3D filter structure from Wolftechnik has up to 5 times more dirt holding capacity than conventional depth filter cartridges for classification. The 3-D filter structure is particularly suitable for the classification of liquids with high solid content, so-called slurry.

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The special 3-D depth filter structure consists of rolled filter layers and ensures reproducible filtration properties for high-quality applications.
The special 3-D depth filter structure consists of rolled filter layers and ensures reproducible filtration properties for high-quality applications.
(Source: Martin Wolf Wagner/ Wolftechnik)

The AS Depth filter cartridge is a high volume classification cartridge with a constant pore structure. The special 3D Depth filter construction consists of rolled filter layers made of PP-Bi-component-fibres which are separated from each other by a drainage mesh. The resulting, very voluminous filter structure enables extra high dirt hold capacity, states the firm.

The filter layers of PP-Bi-component-fibres guarantee high throughput capacity without loss of particle retention rate even at high differential pressures. The filter cartridges with 3D depth filter structure ensure reproducible filtration properties for high-quality applications, adds the company.

Applications include the manufacture of silicon wafers for solar cells and computer chips, the manufacture of polishing pastes for the optical industry, the manufacture of varnishes, paints, inks, acids and lyes, fine chemicals, solvents, food and beverage, cosmetics and ultrapure water. In addition to the classification of slurry as the basic material for the production of Lib electrodes, they are also particularly suitable for classifying other liquids with high solids content, such as slurry in the production of technical ceramics for the electronics industry for producing light elements.

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Features and Benefits

• Classification cartridge with rolled filter layers

• 3D-depth filter structure

• Constant pore structure from outside to inside

• High dirt holding capacity

• Compact filter matrix due to PP-Bi-component-fibers

• Stable particle retention capacity even at high differential pressure

• No loss of fibers

• No use of binding agents

• Wide chemical compatibility

• Low differential pressure, high flow rate

• Long filter service life

• Food contact declaration

• Reach-Declaration

• Rohs-Declaration

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