Biogas Plant Software Tailored for Bio: How Project Software Boosts Biogas Plant Efficiency

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Stringent conditions for biogas plant operators underline the need for innovative management systems. Moreover, economic efficiency is becoming increasingly important. Now software manufacturers introduce comprehensive application in order to enable technically reliable, profitable operation, especially for biogas plants.

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An app for bio: The new Promos Bio Software shall open new possibilities for Biogas Plants
An app for bio: The new Promos Bio Software shall open new possibilities for Biogas Plants
(Picture: Weltec Biopower)

Bio–energy plant engineering specialist Weltec Biopower's new Promos Bio software contains the bundled know-how of the biogas manufacturer from Germany. Accordingly, it is suitable for all plant types and classes, even those of other manufacturers. At the Energy Decentral/Eurotier in Hanover, Germany, the program will be presented to the public for the first time.

„We put special emphasis on the subject of plant profitability and have integrated related analysis options in Promos Bio“, explains Hendrik von Buchholz, the project manager. „In this way, it will be easier for users to analyse available data, identify interrelationships and plan more effectively for the future“, says von Buchholz.

Mobile Solutions for Plant Operations: An App for Biogas

Thanks to the new software, inaccurate calculations belong to the past. Values such as the plant‘s own power consumption and the amount of generated energy can be checked and verified. At the bottom line, the data determined by Promos Bio provide an optimum overview and assist the operator in filtering out the cost drivers in the plant.

The operating log also provides a precise overview. The age of paper chaos is over: With Promos Bio, the users can enter the meter readings in prescribed check lists or schedule upcoming plant maintenance work. The app directly synchronises the data with the software. Owing to this functionality, the plant operator can always see the latest data on the PC, as incoming updates are applied immediately. The information can be used as the

basis for optimising the fermenter load, storage, substrate input and manure management.

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The well-structured charts in which the data are displayed in processed form contribute to transparency. All

data can also be downloaded or printed out. With the help of Promos Bio, users can comply with their external

documentation obligations more efficiently, as plant operators can also use the relevant values and analyses

for authorities, banks, appraisers and tax consultants.