Germany: Investment in Offshore Wind Statoil Invests in German Arkona Wind Farm

Editor: Alexander Stark

Statoil enters German offshore wind market through € 1.2 billion project with Eon.

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Statoil invests in German Arkona Windfarm (Photo shows Sheringham Shoal windfarm)
Statoil invests in German Arkona Windfarm (Photo shows Sheringham Shoal windfarm)
(Picture: Statoil)

Germany/Amrum – Statoil announced the 50 % acquisition of Arkona offshore wind farm operated by Eon. The Arkona wind farm will be located in the Baltic Sea, 35 kilometres northeast of the Rügen island in Germany, southwest of the Danish island of Bornholm. It will consist of 60 six-megawatt turbines, to be mounted on monopile foundations installed at water depths of 23 to 37 metres. Start of electricity production is expected in 2019.

“We are pleased to develop this project in Germany, where Statoil is the second-largest supplier of natural gas. We have been delivering gas from Norway through three direct pipelines for over 35 years, and Statoil’s entry into German offshore wind adds a new dimension to the Norwegian-German energy partnership,“We already have a solid portfolio of wind projects in the United Kingdom. With our entry into the German wind market and participation in the Arkona development from the start, we further strengthen our position in this attractive and growing industry” says Eldar Sætre, Statoil’s president and CEO.

When finished, the wind farm will provide renewable energy for up to 400,000 households in Germany, making it one of the largest ongoing offshore wind developments in Europe.

Eon will have responsibility for building and operating the wind farm. Up to 400 people will help build the wind farm during the two-year construction phase. The estimated total investment for the project will be in excess of € 1.2 billion.

“This project offers ideal conditions for further reducing the costs of offshore wind and will take us a big step toward realizing our goal of making renewables truly competitive. We’re pleased to be partnering with Statoil, which has outstanding expertise working in challenging offshore environments,” says Eon Climate & Renewables CEO Michael Lewis.