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Electrical Temperature Measurement Spoilt for Choice: How to Select the Right Measuring Spot?

Author / Editor: Jochen Gries, Jonas Busch* / Anke Geipel-Kern

Criteria for selecting the most suitable electrical temperature measuring point. — The temperature is one of the most important measured variables of a process medium and is predominantly monitored with electrical thermometers. But as simple as the task sounds, know-how is required when choosing the right sensor. We will give you some helpful tips.

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Spoilt for choice
Spoilt for choice
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The chemical and physical characteristics of a process medium almost always depend on the temperature. Electrical thermometers are the preferred method for monitoring this effectively. Owing to the complexity and individual nature of the processes, the necessary measuring instruments can only rarely be ordered from a catalogue.

When selecting instruments which are optimally tailored to the task at hand, particular consideration should be given to the following criteria: