Sustainability Solvay to Produce New Generation Solvent in France

Source: Press release

Solvay has plans to produce the biodegradable solvent Rhodiasolv Iris at its Melle site in France from next year. This solvent, which was earlier produced in China, is sustainable, efficient, non-flammable and can be used in many industrial and agro applications.

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Solvay's Melle site in France.
Solvay's Melle site in France.
(Source: Solvay)

Brussels/Belgium – Solvay announces the production of the new generation solvent Rhodiasolv Iris, with excellent eco-friendly properties. Previously manufactured in China, this solvent will now be produced from 2023 onwards at Solvay's Melle site in France.

Rhodiasolv Iris is efficient, non-flammable, readily biodegradable, low volatile and non-CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic). It is used in many applications such as formulation of phytosanitary products, paint stripping, graffiti and resin clean-up, industrial cleaning and agrochemistry.

The new solvent is in line with the implementation of Solvay One Planet's sustainability roadmap, which notably aims at transitioning the Group’s portfolio towards more sustainable solutions. In particular, Rhodiasolv Iris enables the use of an original manufacturing process that recycles a by-product of its polyamide chain, which was previously burned. This process optimizes the use of petrochemical resources and reduces environmental impact.

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It is one of the key products in the Rhodiasolv range, which are green solvents serving the transition to a more environmentally friendly agriculture. The production launch at Melle’s site will require an investment of several million euros, with commissioning planned in early 2023.

"This new plant in France is in line with Solvay's mission to act proactively and very closely with customers, bringing opportunities to supply the market with innovative formulations aligned with the sustainability objectives of the agro sector", comments Benoit Abribat, Vice President of Solvay’s Novecare Agricultural Specialties.