EV Batteries Solvay Doubles PVDF Production Capacity in China

Source: Press release Ahlam Rais

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In the background of growing demand for EV batteries, Solvay has expanded the production capacity of PVDF at its Changshu site in China. The thermoplastic fluoropolymer is used both as a binder as well as a separator coating in lithium-ion batteries.

Solef PVDF increased production at Solvay's Changshu site in China.
Solef PVDF increased production at Solvay's Changshu site in China.
(Source: Solvay)

Brussels/Belgium – Solvay’s Changshu site has significantly increased production capacity for Solef PVDF, demonstrating the Group’s commitment to meeting the needs of customers worldwide.

Solvay continues to extend its leadership position in the global lithium-ion battery market with the early completion of its PVDF capacity increase in Changshu, China. The Group has now more than doubled the onsite production volume of its high-performance polymer Solef polyvinylidene fluoride since mid-May 2022.

The rapid growth of electric and hybrid vehicles is driving record demand for PVDF. This thermoplastic fluoropolymer is used both as a binder and a separator coating in lithium-ion batteries. It plays an essential role in ensuring that batteries perform better, last longer and operate safely.

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Solvay also recently announced significant investment in Solef PVDF production at its site in Tavaux, France, which will turn it into the largest PVDF production site in Europe. The increased production capacity in China serves as further evidence of the Group’s deep commitment to ensuring that material is readily available to customers worldwide.

“Demand for lithium-ion batteries is undergoing massive growth," said Francescantonio Azzariti, Head of Commercial for Solvay's Battery Platform. “We are inspired both by the environmental benefits as we transition to cleaner mobility and by the commercial opportunities these new technologies offer.”


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