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Automation Solution

Emerson to Automate New Lubrizol Additives Plant in China

Emerson Process Management and Lubrizol have completed on-schedule, on-budget factory acceptance of Emerson’s integrated automation solution for Lubrizol’s greenfield additives manufacturing plant in Zhuhai, China. Emerson is the Main Automation Contractor for the plant, which will offer select additive component manufacturing as well as additive package blending.

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Two-axis solar concentrator dish equipped with solar grade mirror reflectors track the sun for hotwater generation for pasteurization purposes
Solar Energy/Dairy

Solar Energy for India's Dairy Industry

Dairies worldwide are adopting green technologies to meet their energy needs. Indian dairies must catch up soon. Today there are several innovative and efficient technologies available in the renewable energy domain that can be used for catering to various energy needs of the dairy industry. Harnessing solar energy for various heat-based applications like generating steam, hot water, etc has become more viable with time.

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