sponsored Agile Systems for the Granulation Process

How to Increase Flexibility in the Production of Solids

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Specialisation, small product quantities and fast production cycles in granulation require pharmaceutical manufacturers to think of adaptive plant technology. The whitepaper reveals what is key to keep your production of solids flexible.

The world of OSD manufacturers has changed: Smaller and changing quantities, more specialised and different products have to be produced more frequently in their plants in even faster cycles. The granulation process therefore now places higher demands on flexibility on plant technology than it was just a few years ago.

Scale-up for example can lay the basis to face these challenges. With flexible systems it is possible to switch between different technologies at a relatively early stage of development.

This whitepaper reveals the most important ascepts to make solids production more flexible and how agile systems can help.

The whitepaper gives details on the following topics:

  • Different process steps
  • Scale-up concept as basis
  • Modular systems in the laboratory and pilot phase
  • Flexible in the choice of technology
  • Flexibility in production
  • Steps to a perfect granule

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