India: Ethane Manufacturing Reliance Completes Largest Ethane Project Worldwide

Editor: Alexander Stark

Reliance announced the successful and flawless completion of its Ethane Project, including commissioning of its ethane receipt & handling facilities and ethane cracking, at its Dahej Manufacturing Facility in Gujarat within less than three years.

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"The execution of this project at this scale and magnitude is a first in the world."
"The execution of this project at this scale and magnitude is a first in the world."
(Source: Reliance Industries)

Mumbai/India — The company has conceptualized large-scale imports of ethane from North America as feedstock for its cracker portfolio in India. The project involved seamless integration of several elements across a complex infrastructure value chain. This includes securing ethane refrigeration capacity in the US Gulf coast; delivery of dedicated Very Large Ethane Carriers (VLECs) to carry ethane from the US Gulf Coast to the West Coast of India; construction of ethane receipt and handling facilities; laying pipelines and upgrading crackers (to receive ethane) at Dahej, Hazira and Nagothane Manufacturing Facilities.

The company said that "this successful start-up underlines ours ability to build world-scale capacities and infrastructure using complex technologies, such as marine transportation of cryogenic ethane, handling of ethane at -90°C, supply of ethane to the crackers in an energy efficient way and pump ethane from Dahej to other locations".

According to the company, the supply of Ethane to the crackers at Dahej, Hazira and Nagothane would provide feedstock security and flexibility, enabling the manufacturer to select the most optimal feed mix based on market conditions. "This will improve the cost competitiveness of our existing crackers and enable us to optimize the portfolio in a volatile market environment" the company said.

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