25 Years of PROCESS PROCESS Honours 16 Industry Milestones in Chemical, Pharma and Process Engineering

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the leading international trade medium PROCESS awarded the "Milestone Award in Chemical, Pharma and Process Engineering“ to 16 supplier companies that served as industry pioneers and innovators.

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16 companies receive the Milestone Award.
16 companies receive the Milestone Award.
(Picture: PROCESS)

Wurzburg/Germany – Over 200 invited guests attended the ceremony on December 5th 2019, at Wurzburg, Germany, which was rounded off with renowned show acts and culinary highlights from star chef "Reisers".

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These are the 16 prize winners and the categories at a glance (in alphabetical order):

  • Aerzener Maschinenfabrik: Compressed Air Technology/Compressors
  • Alfa Laval: Thermal Processing
  • Aucotec: Software
  • Azo: Powder & Bulk Solids Technology
  • Bürkert: Valve Technology/Fluid Control
  • Endress+Hauser: Process Automation
  • Gea: Separation Technology
  • Grundfos: Pump Technology
  • Hima: Safety Technology
  • Linde: Technical Gases/Industrial Gases
  • Pfeiffer Vacuum: Vacuum Technology
  • Phoenix Contact: Interface Technology/Connectivity
  • Rembe: Explosion Safety/Pressure Relief
  • Sartorius: Bioprocess Technology
  • Siemens: Digitization/IIoT
  • Vega Grieshaber: Instrumentation

The 16 milestones in chemistry, pharmaceuticals and process engineering are explained as follows:

Aerzener Maschinenfabrik receives the milestone in the category Compressed Air Technology/Compressors: The company has set standards again and again in terms of reliability, energy efficiency and sustainability in industrial processes with its turbo- and rotary blowers, screw- and rotary piston compressors.

Alfa Laval is honoured in the category Thermal Process Technology for its comprehensive and versatile temperature control solutions that are unrivalled for heating or cooling mediums.

The milestone in the category Software goes to Aucotec for the latest engineering tool and a convincing solution for the digital, integrated planning chain over the entire life cycle of a process engineering plant.

The award in for Powder & Bulk Solids Technology goes to Azo, as the creative engineers from Osterburken repeatedly provide decisive impulses in the automation of solid and liquid raw materials.

The winner in the Valve Technology/Fluid Control category hails from Ingelfingen, Germany: Bürkert has been setting technological milestones from solenoid or pneumatic valves to platform technologies for fluid processes for more than 70 years, thanks to its expertise, courage, pioneering spirit and its ability to listen to the needs of customer industries.

Endress+Hauser receives the award for Process Automation: True to the motto "Innovation does not stop with the sensor", the company has been striving for innovation for more than six decades. During this time, Endress+Hauser has developed into a driving force in digitisation with the aim of making the complex world of automation technology as simple as possible for users.

The award for Separation Technology goes to Gea as the technology group has developed a potpourri of innovations for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries over the past 130 years, ranging from exhaust air purification to thermal or mechanical separation processes.

Grundfos achieved the milestone for Pump Technology, because the company has repeatedly set standards with new production techniques and pump technologies and is a technological pacemaker on the way from classic pump technology to the connected vision of a "Pump 4.0".

Hima receives an award in Safety Technology: The company has been setting milestones for four generations and, with Smart Safety as its core competence, ensures that process plants run safely and efficiently.

The milestone for Technical Gases/Industrial Gases goes to Linde: More than a century after Carl von Linde invented the air separation process, the gas specialists continue to enable industrial processes from metallurgy to the food industry - and set technological milestones for future topics such as the hydrogen economy.

Pfeiffer Vacuum is awarded the milestone for Vacuum Technology. The Company has been improving on vacuum technology for more than 125 years and has distinguished itself in particular through its feel for the various requirements of different industries - from vacuum generation to leak detection.

Phoenix Contact receives the milestone for Interface Technology/Connectivity, since the company is a driving force behind the intelligent network of field units with the control and management level as well as the integration individual devices into the IT infrastructure - today more than ever a decisive success factor for system operators.

The milestone for Explosion Safety/Pressure Relief goes to Rembe: The resourceful developers have continuously adapted their bursting disc expertise to ever-increasing requirements and continue to set standards in explosion protection with flameless pressure relief solutions.

Sartorius is honoured as the number one innovator in the up- and downstream process for Bioprocess Technology, with solutions ranging from conventional stainless steel vessels to single-use technologies.

Digitization and the associated industry 4.0 are closely associated with Siemens. The technology group has created a digital ecosystem that covers the entire value chain from design and planning through production and operation to maintenance and service.

The award for Instrumentation goes to Vega as an innovation driver in the field of pressure, level and filling measurement. Especially in radar level measurement, the company has repeatedly set the standard.

Throughout the anniversary year 2019 into the summer of 2020, the PROCESS trade medium presents a milestone partner in detail every month, illuminating its history, its innovations and its work in depth. A final print compendium that compiles all milestones in one place will be published in July 2020.

On our Milestones Website you will find the individual interviews, articles and picture galleries on the award-winning companies.