Cleanroomservice for Customers Pharma Zone Ensures Safe Working Environment

Editor: Anke Geipel-Kern

MG2 inaugurated inside its premises three “cleanrooms”: chambers whose features respect the severe standards applied by pharmaceutical companies. First of all, these locations guarantee a safe working environment, and subsequently they can be used to increase the range of feasible tests.

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A safe environment for pharmaceutical handling.
A safe environment for pharmaceutical handling.
(Source: MG2)

The cleanroom, or white chamber, is an environment designated as a laboratory, whose main characteristic is the presence of extremely pure air, featuring a very low level of suspended dust micro-particles. It is a controlled atmosphere chamber (atmospheric pressure and particle pollution) dedicated to test products requiring a high isolation level.

MG2 has always paid attention to process and technologies’ evolution, and it has recently inaugurated a new area called “Pharma Zone”, hosting three cleanrooms, where dosage trials and final tests with customers are carried out, using active products in real productive conditions.

Moreover, the cleanrooms are an essential asset in the validation of pharmaceutical productive processes, a context where MG2 can further support the customer with its service of “technical batches” production: batches which are manufactured prior to full scale cGMP batches, used to fine-tune processes before committing to full scale manufacture.

Design and Testing Services

Pharmaceutical companies often entrust contract manufacturers to carry out such technical batches. Thanks to the installation of its cleanrooms, the Bolognese company has expanded the range of services offered to its customers, supporting them from the design phase of the productive process up to testing phases right before the product marketing.

The initial input aimed at increasing the safety of employees, both those working in contact with the products to be tested and those working in neighbouring areas, decreasing the possibility of contact with potentially unhealthy particles. This was necessary because MG2 carries out tests by using different drugs (or placebos) in very fine powders, which could cause complications such as allergies.

During preliminary designing phases, it was understood that the presence of cleanrooms inside the company could be an important opportunity to support the relation with the customer: in fact, by increasing the range of products which can be directly tested inside MG2’s premises, it is possible to work on eventual critical points prior to machine’s installation, thus leading to time and cost saving, for the customer. The new cleanrooms have been operative since the beginning of September 2016, thus increasing the area dedicated to tests and trials, bringing to six the number of total rooms dedicated to these activities.

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